Book Description:

This is not the fake, Hollywood-style Sleepy Hollow American television series. This is the true, terrifying story.

Hollow Blood! Book One of the debut Sleepy Hollow Horrors by Austin Dragon.

Ichabod Crane is dead! Everyone knows it. The Horseman took him—like so many others—one dark night in 1790. All that remained of the town’s amiable schoolmaster was his hat on the side of the road, with a shattered pumpkin beside it. But soon the fearful townspeople of Sleepy Hollow realized that the terrifying Horseman, that haunted their region for ages, had also disappeared, inexplicably, after that night. They were free!

That was 10 years ago. And a lone stranger has come to their quiet town.

He is friendly enough, well-mannered, educated, but there is a secret about this man—he is not what he seems. Suspicions grow. The whispers of gossip begin. All of Sleepy Hollow is soon turned upside-down when they learn the truth.

It is only the beginning, as they find themselves in the path of his black vengeance, his hunt for the foul murderer of Ichabod Crane. This stranger threatens not only their lives by his presence, but their very souls by bringing about the return of the hellish Headless Horseman!

For Sleepy Hollow, will death be upon them all?

Hollow Blood is Book One of the two-part Sleepy Hollow Horrors. Book Two,The Devil’s Patch, will also be released the same month!

My Thoughts:

Hollow Blood is the first book in the Sleepy Hollow horror series. The book can be enjoyed by young adults and adults alike.

The story in parts can be classed as horror but I would say mainly it is a story steeped in mystery and suspense.

I loved the film Sleepy Horror so when I came across this book I couldn’t wait to read it.

Ichabod Crane is sadly dead, even though the towns folk know what happened to him they don’t seem to keen on talking about it, especially as the headless horseman disappeared at the same time. Even though ten years have passed, the town folk very much still fear that he may at some point return.

There are a few gruesome parts in the story but mainly this is a journey of one man who decides to find out the truth about Ichabod’s disappearance which leads to some shocking discoveries.

I love the whole setting of the town and the darkness that is portrayed in the actual film comes across very much in this novel. It certainly is a great book to get lost into and taken back in time to what life is like in the town.

Julian Crane, the main character, is obviously on a mission. He wants to find out what really happened to his uncle. Even though he is met by negativity where ever he turns, he doesn’t let this stop him.

Overall Hollow Blood is a good read it just didn’t quite capture me as much as I would have liked, with being a reader who likes my horror novels to be quite horrific it was slightly to tame for me but this is why it is probably perfect for the YA market as well as adults who don’t like their books to gruesome.

My thanks to the author for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Goodreads rating 3/5 stars.

Hollow Blood (Sleepy Hollow Horrors, Book 1): The Hunt For the Foul Murderer of Ichabod Crane is available to purchase from Amazon UK for the US link please click here.



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