Book Description:


When Kayleigh Harwood, a young hairdresser, is reported missing by her mother in the worst blizzards Harrowfield has experienced in years, D.I. Jack Dylan and his team are called in to assist. Kayleigh’s car is found abandoned with her mobile phone inside but there is no sign of her. Clothing is found on nearby moorland and a search of the local quarry begins.

The investigation turns to a loner living in a dwelling close to where Kayleigh’s car was found.

As the snow thaws human remains are found and Dylan’s boss Chief Superintendent Hugo-Watkins thinking the two incidents are linked calls out the entire Major Incident Team, much to Dylan’s disbelief.

Meanwhile Dylan’s wife, Jen, becomes distracted and distant as unbeknown to Dylan her ex-fiancé is in their midst and stalking her.

My Thoughts:

The fourth in the D I Dylan series and another cracker of a read.

The title is very apt for the story as it is set in winter when there’s a heavy snow fall.

I love how the story starts off. The reader is introduced to hairdresser Kayleigh and we get a feel for the young girl, well at 19 technically a woman but as a mother, to me she is very much still a child. Having finished work and getting to her car she realises just how bad the snow is and this is where the story gets a whole lot more chilling, literally!

The tension of knowing that something was obviously going to happen to Kayleigh had me feeling a whole lot of emotions. I was totally gripped to see where the authors would take us, yet in a way I didn’t want to know what horrible fate was in store for her.

A missing person is probably never on top of any priority list, especially when it’s an adult. Jack and his team though do get stuck in as their first investigations turn up some unsavoury characters to say the least.

I love how even though there is plenty of the story dedicated to the case, part of it still manages to concentrate on Jack and Jens relationship and it was great to see Jen evolving as a stronger character than just a D I’s wife.

Yet again the authors bring home to readers what it is like for the family of murder victims as well as what it is like for the officers involved. There is a particular bit in the story where it says that the families that are left behind have a longer life sentence than the actual murders themselves and I can believe that being very true.

Snow Kills is a brilliant crime book with plenty of insight into procedures of how the police narrow down on their suspect. If you haven’t read any of this series yet, what are you waiting for?

My thanks to the authors for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Goodreads rating 5/5 stars.

Snow Kills is available to purchase from Amazon.


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