Book Description:

Can you ever really know someone?

When Deborah, an unpopular seventeen-year-old, meets the charming and handsome Larry, he sweeps her off her feet. The trouble is Larry has a secret.

Then a series of grisly murders cast a shadow over everything.

As Deborah’s world starts to fall apart she begins to suspect the man she loves of a terrible betrayal. And to keep their marriage alive, sacrifices must be made.

A compelling, psychological thriller that unpicks what goes on behind closed doors and reminds us that sometimes the worst crimes can take place closer to home than you think.

The Optician’s Wife is a powerful psychological thriller by the best-selling author of Carrion, The Quiet Ones and Beneath The Watery Moon. If you are a fan of authors like Angela Marsons, Kathryn Croft, Helen Durrant, Barbara Vine or Rachel Abbott you will be gripped by this brilliant and bracing psychological thriller.

My Thoughts:

Having read The Quiet Ones not so long ago by the same author, I knew I would be in for a disturbing but enjoyable read and I wasn’t wrong.

Deborah is one of those quiet mousy types of girl that you would probably forget as soon as you met her. When Larry meets her, it isn’t long before he takes her under his wing and turns her into his own creation.

I really liked Deborah to start with but have to admit as the story goes on she becomes quite hardened and even though I felt quite sorry for her at times, I didn’t really like the person that she was becoming.

Larry right from the start I didn’t trust. I didn’t like how he was moulding Deborah and cutting her off from the outside world and becoming his own personally skivvy. He obviously has his own ideas to how a wife should act and he expects Deborah to follow that to the letter. He is very protective of her and in his own way I do think he truly loves her, though why she loves him so much beats me.

It is slightly hard to say much more about the storyline without giving key parts of it away which would spoil it for other readers and I certainly wouldn’t want to spoil the surprises that are awaiting them.

The Optician’s Wife is a dark and disturbing read. The author cleverly reels you in and has you believing what she wants you to believe before grabbing you and twisting you around leaving you dizzy. All I will say is that this is one book that sent a shiver down my spine and had me feeling like someone had walked over my grave!

My thanks to the author for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Goodreads rating 5/5 stars.

The Optician’s Wife is out today and available to purchase from Amazon.


  1. I’m constantly being recommended this by Amazon – are they trying to tell me something?! Mr C’s forbidden me from buying books though, so atm I’m only reviewing the ones I’m sent. He thought that was great at first – Look! She isn’t spending money on books! – but as they’ve piled up I’ve had to pass the ones I’ve read on to my daughter/friend/friend’s mum/Mary’s Meals (if they’re not proofs!) This does sound good, though!

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