Hard Fall (Thomas Blume Book 1) by PT Reade


Book Description:

A burned-out ex-cop turned PI. A case police couldn’t solve. One chance at redemption…

An ex-New York detective, now working as a freelance investigator in London; Thomas Blume hunts for the killers that tore his family apart. For justice, for closure, for revenge.

But when Blume stumbles across a case that baffled police, he unwittingly becomes part of a world full of criminals, thugs and corrupt cops that will do anything to stop him.

Now, in a country he doesn’t understand and a city stacked against him, Blume must fight to expose the truth…

Over 20,000 copies downloaded. Discover the thrilling first book in the Thomas Blume hard boiled mystery series today!

My Thoughts:

Blume is obviously a troubled man. To lose not just your wife but your child as well is just unimaginable. He has turned to drink and is barely functioning. When a good friend decides to help pick him up out the rut he finds himself in, it gives something for Blume to concentrate on. Even though he is still as determined to find out who killed his family at least he has another purpose in life and something that will bring some money in and help him to survive.

Being an ex cop he has a lot of skills, so the obvious choice is for him to go into private investigating and when a case that is close to his heart crops up, he jumps at it.

Hard Fall is a novella that is quite a quick read and in total only took me just over an hour. I didn’t in anyway feel like I was being short changed on the story though as I think this is a great starting point which gives the reader just enough but not to much so that you are left eager to read more by this author. I like Blume’s character and I am eager to learn more about him as well as wanting to join his journey in discovering the truth.

Packed full of mystery and suspense this is an ideal read for any crime fans.

Goodreads rating 4/5 stars.

Hard Fall is available to purchase from Amazon.

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