Killer Smile (D.I. Dylan Book 6) by RC Bridgestock


Book Description:

A killer with a macabre passion for human teeth stalks the residents of Harrowfield.

Three linked murders means Assistant Chief Constable Wendy Smythe is brought in to take ultimate charge of the serial murder investigation, and she is adamant on managing the task akin to a drama. Dylan has to dig deep to remain professional.

Chilling, ultimate and full of menace. There is dark suspicion that nobody is safe until the perpetrator is apprehended. Will the ring of steel wrapped around Harrowfield bring the psychopath to justice?

Coupled with the fact Dylan and Jen’s daughter Maisy is hospitalised with an undiagnosed serious illness; Jack is under pressure on all fronts.
On a happier note Jen’s dad Ralph, introduces the pair to his new lady friend but all is not as rosy as it seems three hundred miles away on the Isle of Wight, when her son brings the police to their door.
Dylan shares intelligence with The National Crime Agency which brings back a deep seated anguish of fallen colleague DS Larry Banks. Can he help them capture the boss of an international drugs cartel, and if so will it bring Dylan closure?

My Thoughts:

Killer Smile is a very apt title for this story, especially as Jack and his team have a crazed killer on the loose who removes the teeth from their victims mouths.

Just the thought of someone having their teeth pulled out sent instant shivers to my spine and I was as baffled as the team to why anyone would want to remove peoples teeth.

Poor Jack really has it all going on with a case thats attracting a lot of attention as well as a lot of stuff going on in his personal life. For once you can see him really struggling trying to juggle his working as well as his personal life together and he seems to be getting pulled in all directions.

The D I Dylan series truly is a great crime series that has the perfect balance of police procedure and home life. The home life in no way detracts from the horrific crimes that the team are investigating and you still get that edge of your seat feel with all the thrill and the tension that you would expect from a book in this genre.

Another great read.

My thank to the authors for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Goodreads rating 5/5 stars.

Killer Smile is available to purchase from Amazon.


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