The Lobster Boy And The Fat Lady’s Daughter: A Murder Mystery by Charles Kriel


Book Description:

Mel Barry is a detective like no other and when her step-father, Charlie ‘Lobster Boy’ Koontz is arrested and framed for murder, Mel is his only hope.

Surrounded by freaks of the modern circus, Mel pursues a heartless killer through the darkest heart of the gothic South, only to discover the mysteries of her own shadowy past revealed in blood.

Set on the carnival lot of a South Georgia tobacco town, The Lobster Boy And The Fat Lady’s Daughter is a wild Lynch-ian ride through a world that few ‘normal’ people have ever experienced.

“Destined to become a modern cult classic…”

“Charles Kriel is the real deal, a carny to his bones and he writes like a dream.”

“A Coen Brothers movie waiting to happen…”

My Thoughts:

I knew from the title of the book that this wasn’t going to be my normal type of crime book. The title, the cover and the description intrigued me to much to not give it a try.

Mel (Melanie) was raised up in the world of carnivals. She found herself from a young age being brought up by Charlie, who has hands and feet like a lobster, after her mother died from over eating as she was a fat lady attraction.

Being set around the world of a carnival where the majority of people that work there are classed as some sort of freaks felt quite weird to read about. It certainly is quite a unique story line.

The book is jammed packed full of action. Mel I absolutely loved. She is totally kick ass and very much a force to be reckoned with. I certainly wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of her. She just seems to take everything in her stride and is very quick thinking.

Through trying to help Charlie, Mel discovers a lot about her own past and her parents. It’s very much a story of discovery and lies.

The Lobster Boy And The Fat Lady’s Daughter is certainly not your typical every day crime book. It is quite different and quirky. I think as it is very different to my normal crime books it did leave me feeling quite unsure as to how I felt about it and overall I did enjoy it, but unfortunately just didn’t love it though I did love Mel. I would love for this to become part of a series as I do think there is so much potential with Mel and I for one would love to see more of her.

Goodreads rating 3/5 stars.

The Lobster Boy And The Fat Lady’s Daughter is available to purchase from Amazon.


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