The Jump by Doug Johnstone


Book Description:

Struggling to come to terms with the suicide of her teenage son, Ellie lives in the shadows of the Forth Road Bridge, lingering on its footpaths and swimming in the waters below. One day she talks down another suicidal teenager, Sam, and sees for herself a shot at redemption, the chance to atone for her son’s death.

But even with the best intentions, she can’t foresee the situation she’s falling headlong into – a troubled family, with some very dark secrets of their own.

From #1 bestselling author of Gone Again, The Jump is a hugely moving contemporary thriller, and a stunning portrait of an unlikely heroine.

My Thoughts:

Ellie is a mother that is still very much trying to come to terms with the loss of her son who jumped off a bridge to his death at the tender age of fifteen. To lose a child is awful but to lose one to suicide must be torture. The never knowing why and constantly thinking if there’s more that you could have done. My heart ached for her and what she is going through.

When she comes across Sam who is about to do the exact same thing as her Logan, Ellie for some reason thinks she is getting a second chance and she very much intends for it to not end in the same way. I don’t think Ellie realises quite what she has got herself into but either way she is determined to be Sam’s guardian angel and she finds herself involving herself in things that really would be best left to the police.

As the author is from Scotland and so far all the books I have read of his have all been based there. It actually felt quite atmospheric and it felt like I was with Ellie at the bridge experiencing the sights, sounds and smells as well as her emotions all for myself.

The Jump is yet another good read from this author. The story is full of mystery and suspense and I felt like I was on tender hooks all through out the book. Very much looking forward to reading more of the authors books.

Goodreads rating 4/5 stars.

The Jump is available to purchase from Amazon.

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