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Book Description:

A message left in error on a young woman’s answerphone is the catalyst for
uncovering some dark deeds. Three young women are missing; luxury cars are
being stolen; and just what did happen to two young schoolgirls, missing
since the 1980’s?
DI Strong and journalist, Bob Souter are drawn into murky and dangerous worlds…

Torment is part 2 of the the brilliant CWA Dagger shortlisted Wakefield Series.

Also available: Trophies (part 1)

Coming soon: Talisman (part 3)

Torment is a brilliant detective thriller that will appeal to fans of authors like Angela Marsons, Peter James, Lee Child, Robert Galbraith and Ian Rankin

My Thoughts:

Torment is part two in the Wakefield Trinity series. I haven’t read Trophies which is the first one but will be doing so after reading Torment.


Torment actually works really well as a stand alone so don’t worry if like me you have’t read Trophies fist.


The Wakefield Trinity series follows DI Colin Strong and journalist Bob Souter.


I have to say I really love the combination of a detective and journalist working together to solve crimes. Both men respect each others position and even though it is quite risky for a detective to give information out to a journalist, Souter takes care to not let it get Strong into any trouble and uses any information given wisely. Also to be fair, Souter also helps Strong out with information.


The books are set in Yorkshire which I loved as a lot of the places mentioned in Wakefield and Leeds I could easily visualise with living in the area myself. It certainly made the whole story come alive in my head.


Souter isn’t your typical journalist. He maybe passionate about what he does as well as always on the look out for a new story, but he really cares. He comes across as being a very compassionate man who I know if real, I would certainly get on well with.


Strong is also very good at his job. To be fair at times I think he finds Souter a bit of a thorn in his side. Having someone in the know has Souter constantly ringing the detective in the hope of finding out new stories or leads and at times you can see Strong finds this frustrating.


Torment starts off with a disturbing message left on an answer phone which had me hooked straight from the start. It is packed full of criminal goings on that sees one investigation leading on to even more disturbing wrong doings. There is certainly no way you will ever get bored with this novel as it is jam packed full of gripping investigations that holds more than one or two surprises for the reader as well as Strong and Souter.


Many thanks to David Gilchrist from UK Crime Book Club for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


Goodreads rating 5/5 stars.

Torment is out on the 7th of July and available to pre-order now from Amazon.




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