Rotten To The Core by Casey Kelleher


Book Description:

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as far as Billy O’Connell’s concerned, so when his sister Kate gets involved with Jay Shaw, the son of a scummy small time criminal and Billy’s biggest enemy, there can only be one outcome, carnage.

Jay is sick and tired of scraping through the dirt and grime of his life, in order to make some cash. Desperate to make a name for himself and become more than his father was ever capable of, he decides he is going to have the power and money he deserves and the only way to get it is to go up against the big boys, but Billy O’Connell, a major criminal face is standing in his way.
Caught up in the vicious feud, Kate is forced to make a choice, between the man she loves and her fiercely protective brother; a decision that could cost Kate her life.

My Thoughts:

This is the third book I have now read by this author and another brilliant read.

I have to admit to not being to sure on the characters to start with. I liked Kate but she is quite weak and Billy is a bit of a lovable rogue though his treatment of women leaves a lot to be desired. As the story went on though and I got to know them better, I really liked them and by the end I was a bit like a mother hen who is proud of her little chicks.

The story has a very strong sense of family and loyalty. It is also about greed, finding true love and letting go.

Billy and Jay I think to start with are quite similar in that they want to appear to be doing well for themselves and like to be in control of everything. Unfortunately Jay is all about himself and is very selfish and is determined to make Billy pay for what happened to his dad. Billy is doing really well for himself but I think it has gone to his head a bit and he thinks he can run everyone’s lives by telling them what they can and can’t do whilst doing whatever the hell he wants himself. It ends up taking something happening to Kate to realise what a fool he has been.

Rotten to the Core is a gritty, tense and highly addictive read. I literally struggled to put the book down as was so enthralled by the characters and the story. I’m not really a big fan of gang land style stories as the violence can be a really uncomfortable read, the author writes in such a style though that you get the effect of the violence without going into to much detail.

Can’t recommend this author enough if you haven’t already given her books a try, they truly are superb reads.

Goodreads rating 5/5 stars.

Rotten To The Core is available to purchase from Amazon.

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