Tombstoning by Doug Johnstone


Book Description:

Your best mate just fell off a cliff in mysterious circumstances and you were the last person to see him alive. What do you do?

Well, if you’re David Lindsay from Arbroath, you get the hell out of there and don’t return. Not for at least fifteen years. Until Nicola Cruickshank – yes, that Nicola, the girl you always fancied but never had the guts to approach – gets in touch and asks – no, demands – that you go back for a school reunion. To the place where it happened. The place you’ve been running from for fifteen years. Of course you go. Not to belatedly lay your mate to rest, but because you still fancy Nicola.

The thing is, if you are David Lindsay, then returning to Arbroath isn’t going to lay any ghosts to rest. And when someone else takes a dive off the cliffs – an act the locals have taken to calling ‘tombstoning’ – while David’s there, he has a choice: run away again, or finally find out why people keep dying around him . . .

My Thoughts:

Tombstoning is very much a novel of mystery and suspense.

You have to love a story that involves a school reunion, having watched many films that are along the same topic, you just know that things are probably not going to run to smoothly.

Nicola is my stand out character in this novel. I love her strength and independence. She’s a woman who knows what she wants and she knows how to handle herself. I enjoyed reading of the relationship between her and David and seeing things grow between them the further into the novel I got.

Even though I liked David, he does come across as being a man who hasn’t quite grown up yet. From the way he dresses to his over fondness of alcohol, he certainly came across as someone that has a bit of growing up to do but, I think Nicola and the reunion makes him start doing just that.

I really enjoyed the whole feel of this novel. It is steeped in mystery and intrigue and whilst not as dark and gritty as the authors other novels, it has a certain amount of charm and appeal about it.

Another good offering by the author and one that I think his fans will enjoy.

Goodreads rating 4/5 stars.

Tombstoning is available to purchase from Amazon.

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