Book Description:

The Woman in the Woods: a powerful new psychological thriller from a best-selling author Editorial reviews:

“A fantastic example of domestic noir that will keep you turning the pages.” Betsy Reavley, author of the best-selling thrillersThe Quiet Ones, Carrion & The Optician’s Wife

Reporter, Rachel Harper, begins to investigate the disappearance of a local student. In the hope of redeeming her career, she is determined to find out what happened to Gemma. But beneath the surface of her professional life lies a secret she is too ashamed to confront.

When Gemma’s body is discovered in Leigh Woods, Rachel becomes obsessed with finding her killer. But as the list of suspects mount it is clear that someone is following her every lead.

Can Rachel discover what happened on that cold winter night before her own demons catch up with her?

The Woman in the Woods is an absorbing psychological thriller from the bestselling author Louise Mullins it will appeal to fans of authors like Lisa Hall, Kathryn Croft and CL Taylor.

My Thoughts:

The Woman in the Woods is the first novel I have read by this author.

The story itself flicks between three characters as well as flicking between the present as well as in Gemma’s case, events leading up to her death.

Rachel is an alcoholic who is only just managing to function. I think she is only surviving as she is so passionate about her work. I liked how she is slightly different to a lot of reporters portrayed in books and you can tell she really cares about what has happened to Gemma.

Through Rachel it feels a bit like we are investigating alongside her to get to the bottom of Gemma’s death. It was interesting to see how Rachel was battling her demons whilst trying to keep her head clear for her work. She is quite a damaged woman who has totally lost control of everything in her personal life and it was quite sad to read of her road to self destruction.

Even though I had empathy for the characters in this novel, none of them really grabbed me which I think made it harder for me to relate to any of them. The author does keep the reader guessing as to who the murderer is by leading you down other paths so it has you thinking it’s one person only to realise it can’t be, so I ended up changing my mind a couple of times as to who it could be and I was wrong each time.

Overall The Woman in the Woods is a good and steady read. I think for me though, as I have read so many psychological thrillers already this year so far, the bar has been set very high, so much so that the shocks and twists just didn’t have the impact on me that I crave for from this genre. This isn’t the authors or the books fault and I’m sure it will still do well with other readers.

My thanks to Bloodhound Books for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Goodreads rating 3/5 stars.

The Woman In The Woods is out on the 19th of July and is available to pre order from Amazon.

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