Unquiet Souls by Liz Mistry


Book Description:

When the body of a prostitute is found, followed by the discovery of children locked in an attic, DI Gus McGuire is handed the case. But what at first appears to be a simple murder soon turns into an international manhunt for the members of a twisted child trafficking ring.

McGuire who is suffering with his own emotional problems, must pick his way through the web of deceit and uncover the truth in time before the body count rises.

Can McGuire identify The Matchmaker before it’s too late? And can he trust those he is working with?

Unquiet Souls is the first book in a dark and compelling new police series.

My Thoughts:

Unquiet Souls is the first book in a brand new crime series set in West Yorkshire.

I connected with this book so easily. Living in Yorkshire myself and reading of mentions of my favourite radio station and presenters as well as one of my favourite restaurants in Leeds, well it was almost like what was going on was happening right round me. Was so easy to visualise a lot of the areas as well as the characters.

I love Gus, he hasn’t had an easy time of it but thanks to his dad and his work colleague, he is finally allowed back to work. His work is something that Gus is good at and it gives him a purpose in life. I also love his parents. His dad is just a brilliant character and brings a slight humour to the otherwise dark and sometimes uncomfortable read.

The case that Gus comes back to is a child trafficking racket. I knew as I was reading it that at times this was going to be out of my comfort zone and I wasn’t wrong. The author does it in a way though that they give enough away without giving to much.

Unquiet Souls I have to say is a cracker of a book for the first in a series. The author had the perfect balance for me of the characters and their background without it affecting the actual case and story line. It’s a dark and gritty read that had me feeling like I was holding my breath towards the end as I was so caught up in everything that was going on. Can not wait for the next one.

My thanks to Bloodhound Books for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Goodreads rating 5/5 stars.

Unquiet Souls is out on the 30th of July and available to pre order from Amazon.

4 thoughts on “Unquiet Souls by Liz Mistry”

    1. I’ve been told by the publisher it’s out on the 30th of July though I’m aware Amazon is only showing the paperback at moment. Hopefully they should have the kindle version on there also by the 30th.


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