Untouchable by Sibel Hodge


Book Description:

A Conspiracy. A cover-up. And a whistle-blower…You think you know who to trust? You’re wrong. Untouchable is a chillingly dark psychological thriller from the No 1 Bestselling Author of Look Behind You.

~~ Inspired by real UK police investigations, this book contains scenes which some readers may find disturbing ~~

It’s Maya and Jamie’s anniversary, and she waits with excitement for him to return home for a celebratory dinner. There’s a knock at the door. It’s the police. Jamie has been found hanging in a local wood.

His death is ruled a suicide, but Maya doesn’t believe Jamie would take his own life. Something isn’t right. Someone has broken into her house. Someone is watching her. And someone has gone to great lengths to cover up what Jamie was doing before he died.

Maya’s grief turns to suspicion, and as she begins to investigate the weeks leading up to Jamie’s death, her trail leads her to a place known as “The Big House” and the horrific secrets within. Secrets people will stop at nothing to keep hidden. People linked to the heart of the Establishment who think they’re untouchable.

Now Maya has a dangerous decision to make. How far is she prepared to go to reveal the truth?

My Thoughts:

A few of my blogging buddies have spoken really highly of this author and they have all raved about her latest novel Untouchable, so obviously I had to go buy myself a copy to see what I was missing out on.

If her latest novel is anything to go by then by the looks I have been missing out and will certainly be reading her other novels.

Untouchable is one of those novels, that due to the nature of the storyline, it just doesn’t feel quite right saying that I enjoyed it. Saying that though it is a great book.

The author has done well on writing a story surrounding an horrific subject which makes for some really uncomfortable reading. She cleverly doesn’t go into to much detail yet still manages to shock and horrify the reader so that the true atrocities of what happens in “The Big House” well and truly hits home.

In the aftermath of the atrocities that surrounded Jimmy Saville, it makes Untouchable a very relevant story in today’s world. It is very much a story of conspiracy and the fight for justice. It is a story fraught with tension in a dark and disturbing world.

Maya is a likeable character who the reader will have every empathy for. On what should have been one of the most happiest days of her life, instead ends up being one of her worst. She has waited a long time to meet the ‘one’ which she did with Jamie, then for him to be ripped away from her is heart breaking. She knows Jamie was happy and can’t get her head around him supposedly taking his own life, so it is understandable that she decides to go delving into Jamie’s stuff leaving nothing unturned.

With the help of Mitchell, Maya finally starts to unravel the truth and opens a whole can of worms that makes it very dangerous for everyone involved.

Untouchable is a story that some readers may find upsetting in parts and certainly isn’t the most pleasantest of stories. The novel does go some way into showing how far people will go into covering things up and how hard it is to bring people to justice and to get the truth out there. It makes you realise just how many legalities there are and things are very far from how black and white I thought they would be. An unforgettable story that will open readers minds.

Goodreads rating 5/5 stars.

Untouchable is available to purchase from Amazon.


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