Left For Dead by Deborah Rogers


Book Description:

Amelia Kellaway is ecstatic. The thirty-something lawyer has quit her job and turned her back on the suffocating corporate world of a New York law firm to embark on a three month solo trek of the California Coastal Trail. But as Amelia sets out on her big adventure, things take a sinister turn when she’s kidnapped by a stranger and taken deep into the wilderness.

A fast-paced read, this chilling novella delivers a heart-pounding conclusion that you won’t see coming.

My Thoughts:

Having read The Devil’s Wire by the same author which I loved, I couldn’t wait to read her latest novel. Left For Dead is a novella which didn’t take me long to devour at all.

Amelia is a lawyer who is pretty independent, though ideally she would have preferred her partner to have accompanied her on her trek but that just wasn’t meant to be. To be honest I didn’t know if Amelia was just plain stupid or incredibly brave to go on such a trek on her own. Either way I couldn’t help but admire her spirit for wanting to achieve something like that.

Sadly for Amelia just as she is about to start her epic travels she is kidnapped and what should have been a trip of a lifetime ends up being a fight for survival.

You can very much feel the emotions that Amelia is going through when she realises her fate. The fear, sometimes terror of what she has to face and the not knowing if she is going to come out of this experience alive, it was pretty gripping stuff to say the least.

I have to admit when Amelia finds herself in the wilderness the story got a bit Bear Grylls for me. I doubt I would last more than a couple of days but Amelia certainly has her head screwed on and shows how when you are faced with life and death, that sense of survival very much kicks in.

Left For Dead was a highly enjoyable read with plenty of chills and thrills and had me hooked from the very start. Personally for me I would have preferred a more neat and tidy ending that clears everything up as things are left slightly open in a cloud of suspense. Otherwise than this, this fast paced thriller is a great read.

My thanks to the author for a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.

Goodreads rating 4/5 stars.

Left For Dead is available to purchase from Amazon.

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