The Diary Of A Serial Killer by Tara Killmaster


Book Description:

Everyone knows you’re not supposed to read someone else’s secret diary but you’re welcome to read mine.

I won’t tell you my name. I won’t tell you what I look like. I won’t tell you where I live.

I will tell you all my secrets. I will tell you why I kill. I will tell you how I kill.

Tara’s debut crime novella gives a unique perspective on murder. That of the killer. The victims, the people left behind and even law enforcement don’t have a voice in this diary, because they don’t have a voice in his world.

If you want to know what a killer thinks about and feels during planning and carrying out a murder and even afterwards, look no further than ‘The Diary Of A Serial Killer’.

My Thoughts:

The title of this novel just jumped out to me and after reading the description it screamed at me to read it, so what choice did I have but to buy it and read it. It may only be a short story/novella at sixty two pages on kindle, but what an impact it has on the reader!

Now I will warn readers that this is really not for the faint hearted what so ever. There are some pretty disturbing and graphic chapters in here and certainly won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. For the more hardened readers among us that love gore and seriously twisted reads, well you are going to love it.

I think most of us are intrigued as to why a serial killer will do what they do. When ever I hear of one in the news or read of one in a novel, I always wonder what is going on in their head and what emotions and regrets, if any, that they have.

The only novel I can compare this one with is Normal by Graeme Cameron. Now I enjoyed Normal though the killer is no where near as a sick and twisted as the one in this novel and for any readers that liked Normal they will absolutely love this one.

We never get to know the killers name which is how he prefers it. Apart from having a morbid and dark sense of humour, he is actually very clever as after years of killing he still hasn’t been caught.

The Killer tells us about what he does through entries in a diary. I don’t think I was actually prepared for him telling the reader how he kills his victims and was shocked and horrified to start with but then I don’t know if it’s just me, but that is what I would expect from reading this sort of novel.

The Diary of a Serial Killer is a seriously disturbing read that lets us into a serial killers way of thinking and what goes on in their head. A serial killers mind is not the nicest of places to explore but boy does it make for some sick and twisted reading and I absolutely loved it. Be prepared to be shocked and have your eyes well and truly opened! Can’t wait to see what else this author has in store for her readers.

Goodreads rating 5/5 stars.

The Diary Of A Serial Killer is available to purchase from Amazon.


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