No Idea by Si Page


Book Description:

Jobless writer caught in life-threatening web

Rob Wise should be in the prime of his life, but he’s unlucky in love, struggling with depression and tormented by the past. Sharing a run-down flat with two layabouts and a girl called Pit Bull has brought him poor health, writer’s block and an empty bank account. His world is thrown into turmoil when a neighbour’s missing grandson leads him into the criminal underworld of the Dark Web and contract killers. Follow Rob’s life-changing journey where truth is stranger than fiction.

My Thoughts:

Si Page’s novel, No Idea, started with plenty of humour and satire where we are taken on a light-hearted journey of what life is like for Rob. He’s getting nowhere with life and with his flat mates and there really doesn’t feel much hope for any of them.

Rob is very much down on his luck and even though you can see good in him and his flat mates Martin and Rupert as well as Martin’s live in girlfriend, Michaela, they are all in a rut and no one has done anything to get out of it.

Rob to a certain extent reminded me of a male version of Bridget Jones. He is pretty much unlucky in everything. He is a sweet guy though who seems to get taken advantage of quite often. He is very caring and mindful of his elderly neighbour Mrs Popov, whose Russian accent reminded me of the back-to-front sentences of the Yoda character from Star Wars. When Rob starts to look closely into why her grandson has gone missing the whole story starts to get very intense and gripping.

Rob’s life takes a whole new direction when he stands up for himself and moves out of his own flat to move in with his mum. Here he continues to take stock of his life and the opportunities for change. Through his mum he meets Grace, the love interest, and as the audience does with Bridget, we are very much routing for things to come good for Rob.

No Idea is a novel which holds a lot of surprises and doesn’t quite go in the direction you think it will. It starts off as a humorous story which then turns into a nail biting, edge of your seat read before turning into quite an emotional one. It was certainly a roller coaster of a read.

The author has created characters that the reader quickly warms to and I’m sure there is a lesson in this story somewhere about true friendship and staying true to yourself. No Idea is yet another wonderful read from this author.


My rating 5/5 stars.

No Idea is currently up for nomination on Kindle Scout on Amazon and if you would like to see this book get published it would be great if you could go and vote for it by clicking here. In thanks for your support, if the book is chosen you will get a free e copy of the book which Amazon will let you know the outcome and link to claim your copy, if successful, by email. 



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