Clever Deception: A Deception novella prequel to Tragic Deception by M A Comley & Linda S Prather


Book Description:

“Have you ever watched the light fade from someone’s eyes, Foxy? The pigment slowly, ever so slowly disappear?”

The press call him the Escape Artist, and he is certainly living up to his name.

Sergeant Alexandra Fox has never come up against such a devious mind in her entire career. Ten young women, seven of them wives of fellow officers, have been found tortured and murdered. Every tiny lead fizzles out, and he revels in taunting them by phone, torturing them mentally as he forces them to listen to the screams of his victims.

Alexandra, is determined to catch him before he kills again, unaware that she’s become the object of his obsession until he issues one last threat: “I thought I would give you one warning. A chance to back away and leave the investigation. Don’t make me punish you.”

My Thoughts:

Clever Deception is only a short novella but wow what a book!

Alex (Alexandra) is working on a case that ends up getting far too close for comfort. When it suddenly becomes personal, her unfeeling boss sends her home. Luckily for Alex she has a caring friend in her work colleague Bob and they decide to carry on investigating the case much to the annoyance of their boss.

Whilst this book may lack in pages, it certainly doesn’t leave it lacking in content. The authors allow you to get a feel for the characters as well as not scrimping on the action or rushing the story line. I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything and by the end I got everything out of this read as I would have expected from a full length novel, maybe even more.

This literally is an edge of your seat read. For a short story it certainly packs some punches and in parts I was shocked and horrified at the truly horrific things that the killer does to his victims. It is very much a game of cat and mouse with the killer playing with the police and Alex in particular. I felt just as determined as Alex in getting justice for the poor victims and their families. This is one killer who really makes your blood boil.

Clever Deception is without a doubt a brilliant prequel that gives us a taster of what we can expect in the Deception series. Alex is a fantastic protagonist who is thirsty for justice and with a bit of a mouth on her, you can tell that things are certainly going to be interesting with her around.

A chilling yet thrilling read that is going to leave readers screaming for more.

Goodreads rating 5/5 stars.

Clever Deception is out now and available to purchase from Amazon.


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