The Meddler by Donna Maria McCarthy


Book Description:

A tale rich in characters and magic, Meddler not only delivers joy but also tragedy. This is the story of a creature bound by a fantastic mind that can predict, pre-empt and ultimately bring about futures, by meddling.

A group of people, brought together through hardship and scourge, come to know him as their own, and the gothic town of Hares Folly will never be the same.

This story is abundant with humor but also with sorrow, and has taken the form of a fairy tale, but purely for adults, and allows us a little magic that, perhaps, is lost for us when we inevitably take on responsibility.

My Thoughts:

Having read the authors debut novel, The Hangman’s Hitch, as well as her latest offering, with out a doubt this is one talented writer.

With The Meddler not being my usual sort of genre, the best I can liken it to is Tim Burton’s dark and magical films. If Tim Burton wrote novels, I swear this would be it! It was almost like a mixture of Monster Inc versus the wonderful Disney fairy tale films sprinkled with tales from The Brothers Grimm.

The Meddler is a Gothic fairy tale that can be enjoyed by teens and adults alike. It made me feel like I was back at school again, sat on the floor for story time and being totally captivated by the word’s coming out of the teachers mouth. Only now I’m an adult and I am totally captivated by the word’s that are in front of me that I am reading.

Hares Folly is a town whose residents lives are going to change after being visited by the Meddler and his side kick Reuben, an ‘old dragon’. I loved the relationship between these two characters and at times they reminded me of an old married couple.

To be honest there are just so many magical and wonderful characters that I would be here all day discussing them all. This is such wonderful book that it has to be read to be fully appreciated how special it is.

The story itself is a dark one, yet it had me feeling so many emotions. It will certainly have you reminiscing of your childhood and the fairy stories and characters that you grew to love and have never forgotten. This is one that you wouldn’t want to read with your children though! Instead it’s one that can be selfishly devoured by yourself and as it’s timeless, can be enjoyed time and time again.

The Meddler is without a doubt a wonderful and magical novel to lose yourself into. The authors writing style truly is captivating, in parts it felt like a riddle and rhyme all rolled into one. The author is certainly proving herself to be the queen of story telling.

If like me, you’ve never truly grown up and always enjoyed a bit of story telling but more on the darker side, The Meddler is an absolute must read.

My thanks to the author for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Goodreads rating 5/5 stars.

The Meddler is out on the 1st of October and available to purchase from Amazon.

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