Song Of The Sea by Jane Dolby


Book Description:

Jane Dolby fell in love with a fisherman – the most dangerous peacetime occupation that exists – leading her to find a place in a traditional British world that many have forgotten.

Jane was not expecting to fall in love, but she did with Colin, a local fisherman in her hometown. Then one day she faces the loss every fisherman’s wife fears: the disappearance of her husband when his boat overturns at sea. Three days later, the boat is finally dredged up, without Colin. At the same time as Jane struggles with her grief, she must fight to keep a roof over her family’s heads. With the help and kindness of friends and strangers, the fishing world rallies around one of their own and in time, Jane forms a plan to give something back to the community that has helped her. Jane brings together 40 women from fishing communities up and down the country to release a charity single, founding The Fishwives Choir, and gives a voice to women previously unheard.

SONG OF THE SEA is the true story of one woman’s love and loss, and after years in which grief stole her ability to sing, she finds her own voice again.

My Thoughts:

Song Of The Sea is the heartfelt and true story of Jane Dolby who lost her beloved husband Colin whilst at sea doing his job as a fisherman.

Jane’s story starts when she is a single mum of two boys and searching for somewhere to live. She happens to come across a quaint cottage near the sea. At that point she has no idea how much moving there will have such a huge impact on her life.

Having settled in she starts to get acquainted with her neighbours. One of her neighbours Ken, has a son called Colin, who comes by quite often and it isn’t long before Jane starts to fall for him.

What I love about Jane’s book is that it isn’t just about the love she has for Colin and the pain and loss she has gone through since losing him, but also the fantastic community spirit of how people come together in others hours of need.

Jane talks about how people would bring food to her door or post shopping vouchers through her letterbox. She has so much support it was just so touching. Sadly as usual the big corporate companies are the ones she has to battle with after Colin’s death. Due to his body not being found at the time that he went missing, any bills that were in his name still counted, as without a death certificate there was nothing they could do. My heart went out to Jane and her children, as to lose a much loved member of the family isn’t horrendous enough, but then to have to have the added worry of financial trouble also was just awful.

You can’t help but love Jane’s spirit, where as most of us would just sit back and take all the rubbish that life throws at us, she stood up against it and fought for some good to come from her tragedy as well as the many tragedies of other fisherman’s wives. Did you know that one in twenty fisherman sadly die through their job? I didn’t until I read this book and it really shocked me at how many lose their lives and how dangerous a job it is.

To raise awareness, Jane decides to set up a choir to hopefully raise much needed funds for the wives that are sadly left behind and like Jane, face financial struggles. After the generosity of others when she was struggling, she wants to be able to give back to the support networks that also helped her.

It was so heartwarming seeing all these women from all over the UK that have links to the fishing industry, come together to give their support for this great cause. Unfortunately with everyone being so wide spread, it did cause some issues for rehearsals.

Song Of The Sea is an emotional story that really opened my eyes. Jane really has her work cut out trying to organise things for the choir and I can’t believe that even for a charity single, the costs that are still incurred. This is very much a story of love, loss, friendships and the amazing support of some truly inspirational people.

My thanks to Sally for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Goodreads rating 4/5 stars.

Song Of The Sea is available to purchase from Amazon.




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