Streets of Darkness (D.I. Harry Virdee) by A A Dhand


Book Description:

Luther meets The Wire, this is the first Detective Harry Virdee novel

The sky over Bradford is heavy with foreboding. It always is. But this morning it has reason to be – this morning a body has been found. And it’s not just any body.

Detective Harry Virdee should be at home with his wife. Impending fatherhood should be all he can think about but he’s been suspended from work just as the biggest case of the year lands on what would have been his desk. He can’t keep himself away.

Determined to restore his reputation, Harry is obliged to take to the shadows in search of notorious ex-convict and prime suspect, Lucas Dwight. But as the motivations of the murder threaten to tip an already unstable city into riotous anarchy, Harry finds his preconceptions turned on their head as he discovers what it’s like to be on the other side of the law…

My Thoughts:

Having heard lots of great things about this book I had to get myself a copy and I’m very glad I did.

Harry is an extremely complex character. He is a good guy but then he will stop at nothing when it comes to those he loves. As much as I really liked his character, there was a certain darkness to him that made me slightly wary of him.

The fact that Harry is suspended from work doesn’t stop him from getting involved in a case that he really shouldn’t do. Harry seems to know a lot of what is going on in and around Bradford where he lives and works and has his ear very firmly to the ground.

The man that everyone seems to be after, Lucas Dwight, was someone that I really took to straight away from meeting him. Even though he is a criminal, he is a really likeable one. I think he even surprises Harry and Harry reluctantly starts to like the guy.

Another character who I really liked was Harry’s somewhat long suffering wife. I love the closeness between both characters and the love that they both feel for each other is quite a strong and intense one. Saima is such a wonderfully strong character and I think to a certain extent she is Harry’s saviour and keeps him on the straight and narrow.

The author brings to life the darkness that sadly surrounds most cities and the issues within them. He also shows the issues that can be caused when two people from different faiths and beliefs come together and how those people can be annihilated by the ones that are the closest to them.

Streets of Darkness is a brilliantly dark and gripping new crime novel. You can feel the tension as the pace picks up throughout the story. Very excited about Harry and what the future has in store for him. A stunning debut and can’t wait to read more by the author.

Goodreads rating 5/5 stars.

Streets of Darkness is available to purchase from Amazon.

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