Piece by Piece: Remembering Georgina: A Mother’s Memoir by Helen Anderson


Book Description:

In July 2013, fourteen-year old singer-songwriter Georgina Anderson received the shock news that her recent ‘indigestion’ was in fact an aggressive form of liver cancer. As doctors battled to save Georgina, her mother Helen poured her thoughts and fears into the pages of a diary.
Piece by Piece is a transcript of that diary as a new member of the ‘club’ no parent wants to join. A breathtaking record of the author’s journey as a mother from that day onwards, this unforgettable book also charts the stunning reaction to Georgina’s music as celebrities and members of the public spread her story around the globe.
This memoir is Helen Victoria Anderson’s testament to her daughter’s courage. Shot through with dark humour, Piece by Piece is an honest snapshot of turbulent times which captures the strength of the human spirit in the face of the unthinkable.

My Thoughts:

I’m sure many of us have wondered when we see on the news, or watch programmes like Children In Need, how parents cope with losing a child. It would be my absolute worst nightmare and many a time I have woken up from some horrible dream where something bad has happened to my children and my face is soaked with tears. Luckily for me that’s all it is, a bad dream. Sadly for some other parents it’s a reality.

Piece by Piece is a book made up of diary entries, by Helen, as well as status’s posted on social media, again by Helen and her husband, from when Georgina was diagnosed, but mainly on the aftermath after her death.

This novel felt very personal and I can only thank Helen from the bottom of my heart in sharing her thoughts and feelings with others. I think this book will be such a big help to any parents whose child is terminally ill or have lost a child. It will also help others that have not been affected in this way to understand what someone is going through and hopefully be more mindful as well as be better prepared if the worst was ever to happen to them or someone they know.

Grief is something that obviously affects each of us differently. We get to see this in how Helen and her husband react differently and how they both go about coping with it. The support from a certain football club as well as Georgina’s school and her friends was especially touching and I had to have the odd breather as I couldn’t see the words through my tears.

Piece by Piece was obviously going to be a heart wrenching and emotional read.  The devastation of losing a child was everything I thought it would be and more. It will certainly make you appreciate your children even more than you already do and hug them that little bit tighter.

Piece by Piece is available to purchase from Amazon.


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