Blackgang: The Trickerjack Trail by Chris Tetreault-Blay


Book Description:

Follow the trail. Play the game. Save your soul.

Betrayed by those he holds dear, Taylor Pike is in need of a change. A chance meeting with a psychic sends him on a mysterious trip across the water to the Isle of Wight. His only clue is a simple playing card; the Jack of Spades. A cryptic trail of similar cards leads him to the village of Blackgang, where he soon meets Papa Loco, a man shunned by the villagers due to his crazy stories of evil lurking in the village. Through the strange old man, Taylor soon learns of the horrors contained within Blackgang’s dark history – and its links to a man known as Trickerjack.

Following on from his debut appearance in House of Courtenay, the legend of the Trickerjack returns with three all-new short stories (‘Passenger 29’, ‘Road to Nowhere’ & ‘Queen of Scars’), depicting his transformation from man to collector of souls. Each story is told against the backdrop of Taylor Pike’s own journey from the Isle of Wight to the depths of hell.

My Thoughts:

Even though Taylor appears in a different novel by the author, you don’t have to have read it prior to reading Blackgang as this is a stand alone novel. Having read House of Courtenay though, if you are a die hard horror fan then you really don’t want to miss out as I have to say it is pretty horrific!

Blackgang at 107 pages was a relatively short read and didn’t take long at all to devour. I enjoyed how it is made up of short stories which essentially is all part of one bigger story. As the story goes on it certainly gets a lot more darker and the horror side really starts to kick in.

I was really drawn to Papa Loco’s story in particular. He is one very misunderstood individual who is very much a loner as he has distanced himself from everyone. His story certainly raised emotions in me that I wasn’t expecting and I think it made the story even more exhilarating.

This is another gem of a horror book by an author who is certainly making his mark in the horror world.

Goodreads rating 4/5 stars.

Blackgang is available to purchase from Amazon.

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