My Husband’s Son by Deborah O’Connor


Book Description:

A gripping psychological thriller with a devastating twist, perfect for fans of Apple Tree Yard, While My Eyes Were Closed and Between You and Me

You’d always recognise your own son. Wouldn’t you?

Heidi and Jason aren’t like other couples.

Six years ago, Heidi’s daughter was murdered. A year later, Jason’s son Barney disappeared. Their shared loss brought them together.

By chance, Heidi meets a boy she’s certain is Barney.

But Jason is equally convinced it’s not him.

Is Heidi mad? Or is Jason hiding something? And can their fragile marriage survive Heidi’s newfound quest for the truth . . .

My Thoughts:

There has been quite a bit of hype around this novel and lots of my blogger friends have been raving about it so obviously I had to have a read for myself.

I have to say I found Heidi and Jason’s relationship quite an odd one. I could understand that with both having lost a child, even though through to different circumstances, that they had a connection and could understand what the other one was going through. They are both so wrapped up in finding Jason’s missing son that I couldn’t see where their relationship was going to end up.

I don’t know if it’s because Heidi’s daughter is dead, but she seems fixated on finding Barney. I suppose she hopes that at least one of them can have a happy ending and they could be a proper family at last. Jason is struggling with Heidi’s fixation on Barney. He is just as desperate to get his son back, even though he does seem research of his own into what could have happened, he finds it hard to deal with Heidi’s constant badgering for him to come and see yet another lad who she thinks might be his son. There is only so much disappointment I think that one person can endure.

When Heidi comes across a boy in a newspaper shop she is adamant it is him. her fascination with him starts taking its toll on her marriage as well as her work life. It seems to take over so that she can’t think of anything else.

My Husband’s Son is without a doubt a page turner. It flows really well and I was just as intrigued as Heidi was as to whether this little boy was Barney. It certainly makes for an enjoyable read which I flew through. look forward to reading more by the author.

Goodreads rating 4/5 stars.

My Husband’s Son is available to purchase from Amazon.


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