An Honest Deceit: Will they ever discover the truth? by Guy Mankowski


Book Description:

When Ben and Juliette’s young daughter dies in a tragic accident on a school trip, they begin searching for answers. But will they ever know the truth? What was the role of the teacher on the trip – and are the rumours about his past true? As Ben and Juliette search for the truth and the pressure rises, their own secrets and motivations are revealed…. An Honest Deceit is an intelligent and gripping contemporary psychological thriller that questions not just the motives of others, but the real reasons for discovering the truth.

My Thoughts:

When Ben and Juliette’s daughter dies on a school trip, understandably they want answers. As a parent we trust schools with the well being of our children and to have something like this happen is just unimaginable.

Ben and Juliette are obviously in pieces at the loss of their daughter. Ben realises he has to try and be the stronger one and go back to work and get some stability for his wife in the hope that she will waken from the darkness she is trapped in.

You would have thought that returning back to his teaching job he would have had the full support of the head master. This isn’t the case though and it makes Ben question the actions of the school over his daughters death when some information comes to light.

Kraver, the head master I took an instant dislike to. He is full of self importance and what matters to him most is the name of the school. He sees what happens to Ben’s daughter as a nuisance and tries his best to discourage Ben to take things any further. I really wanted Ben to pound some sense into him as he annoyed me so much.

This is very much a story of David and Goliath in that Ben has to tackle something way much bigger than him. He has to take on the school board and fight for his daughters death to be investigated fully. It is very much a story of suspense and the tension that builds throughout simply took my breath away.

An Honest Deceit is a nail biting and gripping read. It is one man’s fight for justice that has the reader by his side routing for him through out. Fantastic book and can’t recommend it highly enough.

My thanks to Netgalley and Urbane Publications for a copy of this book. All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway.

Goodreads rating 5/5 stars.

An Honest Deceit is available to purchase from Amazon.


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