Patriot: The “Mind Blowing” Thriller You Need To Read. (Brooke Kinley Adventures Book 1) by A.S.Bond


Book Description:

In Afghanistan, a US Army patrol is devastated by an enemy with sophisticated weaponry, while in D.C., Pentagon staffer Scott Jenson tips off the ambitious young reporter Brooke Kinley about a billionaire businessman’s involvement in terrorism. But why is the White House determined to protect this businessman, and why does the answer seem to lie in the Canadian wilderness? In a dangerous journey to the remotest parts of the world and the darkest corners of D.C., Brooke races to prevent a catastrophic attack on America, but can she uncover the real traitor in time?

Patriot is a pulse-pounding, high octane adventure thriller with a heroine who is as happy running rapids as she is asking difficult questions at the Pentagon. PATRIOT will be appreciated by fans of Clive Cussler, Tom Clancy or Robert Ludlum.

My Thoughts:

I’ve had this book sat on my kindle since buying it in June 2015. It’s one of those ones that you get on a whim and then keep putting off reading it. The reason for this is because the nature of the story is not something I usually love but had heard some good things about it and wanted to give it a go. Well, I am so glad I finally did get round to reading it as really enjoyed it.

The opening chapter has the reader right in the thick of the action and from that point on, I was well and truly hooked.

Even though the whole story line is kind of predictable, it is still very much an enjoyable read. Scott discovers something suspicious but is met by closed doors when he tries to look into things further. Not wanting to let it go he enlists the help of an old flame, journalist Brooke Kinley.

I love Brooke. She is a strong female character who ends up finding herself in a whole heap of trouble. This is one lady who could never be classed as a damsel in distress, if anything she seems to be the one that comes to the rescue of everyone else. She is certainly a very likeable character and I can not wait to read more of the cases that she finds herself working on.

Patriot is one of those story lines that screams out to be on the screen. It would make such a great film as it is a belter of a book. Packed full of action and a gripping read, this is with out a doubt one for thriller fans.

Goodreads 4/5 stars.

Patriot is available to purchase from Amazon.


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