Broken Dolls (Jefferson Winter Book 1) by James Carol


Book Description:

The first in James Carol’s thrilling Jefferson Winter series, Broken Dolls offers rapid-fire suspense and a chilling look into the mind of a criminal – and into the mind of the one man who might be able to catch him.

Ex-FBI star profiler Jefferson Winter is no ordinary investigator. An eccentric genius and self-described geek with a passion for Mozart, he is haunted by the legacy of his notorious serial killer father…and not likely to admit this may be why he has such a phenomenal insight into the psychology that drives the criminals he hunts.

The former G-man is now a sought after freelance consultant, jetting around the globe helping local law enforcement agencies with their toughest cases. When Detective Investigator Mark Hatcher calls from Scotland Yard about a particularly disturbing case, Winter leaves his native California for the chilly streets of London to help track down a sadistic serial kidnapper.

Four victims, all young women, all tortured and then lobotomised. None of them able to tell the police the name of their attacker. None of them able to live normal lives again. Just broken dolls, played with then discarded.

When another young woman goes missing, Winter has to race against the clock to identify the attacker and find the latest victim before it’s too late.

James Carol’s breakout debut novel takes readers on an action-packed rollercoaster ride that fans of Criminal Minds, Silence of the Lambs, Sleepy Head, and the Jack Reacher and Alex Cross series won’t want to miss.

My Thoughts:

After reading a stand alone novel by this author that literally blew me away, I knew I had to read more.

Broken Dolls is our first introduction to Jefferson Winters who used to work for the FBI and is now working freelance. What an introduction to a new character and a new series as well!

I love love, love, love, LOVED Jefferson. He is a bit of a bad boy in that he does what he wants. I had to laugh at a few incidences in the story where he is told to do one thing or that he couldn’t do that and it literally goes through one ear and straight out of the other. Jefferson does what Jefferson wants, but I have to say he delivers some pretty amazing results. I don’t think the police in the UK actually know what to make of Jefferson to start with. I think they find him rather arrogant but by the end they have grown to have a lot of respect for him.

The relationship between Templeton and Jefferson I really enjoyed. They work really well together and have a lot of mutual respect for each other. I think there is also a little bit of a spark between the pair and as much as I would have loved a bit of a romance to be going on, I have to say I’m glad the author did not go down that route so that the story very much focuses on the extremely horrific crime.

Broken Dolls is an intense page turner of a read. I was well and truly gripped from start to finish and devoured every twist and turn that shocked and surprised me.

Fantastic start to a crime series and actually quite glad I am a bit late to it as I don’t have to wait for the author to bring out the next one as it’s already out!

Goodreads rating 5/5 stars.

Broken Dolls is available to purchase from Amazon.



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