The Hidden Island by Angela Corner #BlogTour


Book Description:

Sex. Drugs. Murder.

Hidden behind the crystal seas and beautiful beaches of a Greek Island dark and dangerous secrets lurk. Beckett has had his fill of adrenaline fuelled criminal investigation and with a broken body and damaged career goes to the Greek Island of Farou to head up the Criminal Investigation Bureau. Serious crime is rare, the weather is great and the beer is cold but his ‘retirement’ is cut short when a pagan cult resurrects and bodies start showing up.

With doubts about his mental and physical ability to do the job, a British police detective is sent to help with the investigation. DI Lee Harper is everything Beckett is not – young, ambitious and by the book.

As well as tackling the new case Beckett must over come the demons from his past.

Family loyalty, power and money are at the source of the investigation where appearance is everything and nothing is what is seems.

Can Beckett and Harper work together to find justice for the victims?

Will the idyllic island ever be the same again?

Sometimes paradise can be hell.

My Thoughts:

The Hidden Island is a crime novel set on the picturesque Greek Island of Farou. Through the story line you actually get the whole holiday vibe through a few of the characters who have come there.

Unfortunately a dead body turning up is not something that is good for the Island. The sooner the murder is solved the better!

Beckett has left the UK I think in the hope of taking things a bit easier. Stepping off the plane to the intense humidity, doesn’t do much to improve his mood. The relationship between him and Harper was just brilliant. The rapport between the two at times had me laughing out loud. Beckett has quite a dry sense of humour and I think is very much set in his ways. Harper is like an excited dog trying to please, though he does seem to enjoy winding Beckett up somewhat.

The Hidden Island is a novel full of mystery and intrigue. Set in a stunning location you can’t help but be drawn into this book and onto the Island. With plenty of secrets and lies, this is one that will keep the reader guessing and with some unexpected surprises, this makes for one highly enjoyable read.

My thanks to Bloodhound Books for a copy of this book. All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway.

Goodreads rating 4/5 stars.

The Hidden Island is out now and available to purchase from Amazon.






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