Angel: a compulsive thriller that will keep you guessing by Anita Waller


Book Description:

Angel is the stunning sequel to international best-seller Beautiful and also a brilliant read as a stand-alone novel.

“Praise for Anita Waller. She has produced a thriller so compelling that it takes your breath away.” Betsy Reavley, author of the best-selling thrillers The Quiet Ones and Carrion 

What if your mother was murdered?

And what if the man who murdered her took your daughter from you the day she was born?

This is Lauren’s life.  A life plagued by the existence of one man.

For as long as she can remember, the shadow of Ronald Treverick has cast over everything Lauren holds dear.

Will she get her daughter back?

Or will Treverick triumph and destroy her family, one person at a time…

This psychological thriller is full of twists and turns; if you like authors like Kathryn Croft, B A Paris or Rachel Abbott you’ll love this.

My Thoughts:

As stated in the description, Angel is the sequel to Beautiful. Having read Beautiful a while back, I wouldn’t say it was essential to have read it first but it’s a great introduction to one evil mastermind.

Poor Lauren goes through something no mother should have to. To literally have your baby taken from you just hours after giving birth is just horrific. I honestly don’t think I would be able to function. Lauren and her husband Pilot manage to carry on with their lives and have two more children. Grace their first born is never far from there minds though.

Seven years later their daughter is returned back into their lives. What that poor child had to endure in the time she was with Ronald Treverick was just sickening. I so wanted to wrap my arms around this little girl and keep her from any more harm. It is a big adjustment for Grace and her new found family but one thing for sure is that she is deeply loved and her family will do what ever it takes to keep this monster out of her and their lives.

Anything that involves a story line to do with children and abuse is not going to be an easy read. Luckily the author writes it so skillfully so that even though we are shocked and horrified, she doesn’t go into any great detail. What was agonising is the cat and mouse chase between the police and Treverick. He always seems to be one step ahead and it infuriated me. It certainly makes for some gripping stuff.

Angel is a moving and thrilling read. It’s hard not to go through a whole array of emotions within the story due to the nature of the story line. It certainly had me on the edge of my seat and the author is certainly making a name for herself in the psychological genre.

Goodreads rating 4/5 stars. 

Angel is available to purchase from Amazon.

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