Lost In Crazy Town by Robert Bryndza & Jan Bryndza


Book Description:

Lost In Crazytown is a dark satire from Robert Bryndza, writer of the smash-hit Coco Pinchard series….

If you choose to live life in the Hollywood fast lane, there’s a chance you could get run over!

When Filip leaves London for a life in Los Angeles, he dreams of being a celebrity stylist. But as the saying goes… be careful what you wish for…

Filip has barely settled into his apartment in the Hollywood Hills when he meets Derek and Hillary – a bizarre middle-aged gay couple. They introduce him to their neighbour Veronica Madison – a movie star on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

She hires him to style her for a celebrity charity gala and soon Filip is pulled into the dark and hilarious world she inhabits, surrounded by the famous (and infamous) residents of the Hollywood Hills.

Within a few months, Veronica invites him to be her guest at the Oscars and events take on a much darker tone.

Filip faces a choice; should he dive into the murky waters of life in the Hollywood fast lane? Or should he choose happiness and return to the love of his life he left back home in London?

My Thoughts:

Having read all of Robert Bryndza’s books, this one is very different to them. Though fiction, the story is based on the authors own experiences of his time in Hollywood.


Filip has left the safety and security of England to make it big in Hollywood. I’m sure for many of us at some point in our lives we have all wanted to do the same. After reading this book though I have to say I am more than glad I have not reached the dizzy heights of fame.


Things don’t really go well for Filip from getting off the plane. He arrives feeling very isolated and lonely. Unluckily for him it isn’t long before he is befriended by Derek and Hillary, a gay couple who live just down the road. These two characters made me laugh. They are really quirky and eccentric. They have money and are extravagant, yet tight with it. They are both very much hungry for fame and fortune and will stop at literally nothing to get it. As much as I liked them both I could easily understand why Filip was getting really frustrated with them.


His problems seem to be solved when he meets Veronica, an actress. Even though she is going through the troubled time of trying to stay in the limelight due to getting older and running out of money, she gives him a chance to get into the work that he came there to do.


Veronica, I kind of felt sorry for. There is so much pressure for actors. From their looks to their diet, we see it all through Veronicas world and it actually felt somewhat sad and lonely.


Lost In Crazy Town overall is a fun and humorous read, it is also quite dark and some parts shocked and saddened me. It actually opened my eyes to what some artists go through to make it big and after reading this book it is without a doubt a world I am so glad I have no part of.


Yet another FABULOUS read and highly recommended!

Goodreads rating 5/5 stars.
Lost In Crazy Town is available to purchase from Amazon.

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