Bloodhound Books open for submissions!



Bloodhound Books is open for submissions of new fiction for a limited time!

We specialise in the fiction we know best and love most. That includes; grit lit, crime fiction, suspense, mystery, domestic noir and psychological thrillers and chillers. 

If you write non fiction, young adult, children’s, sci-fi, erotica or romance, we are not the best publisher for you. 

We only accept submissions electronically via email. All submissions should include;     

·       The first 20 pages of the manuscript

·       A synopsis of your work (no more than 1500 words)

·       A cover letter telling us about you and your writing career to date

You can send all of the above as email attachments in either Word or PDF format. 

Please send your submission to  –

Smart publishing in the digital age.

We know getting a break can be tough for even the most talented author. We understand that writers want to write. Getting published is the cherry on the cake. 

Founded in late 2014, Bloodhound Books was born from a love of great fiction. We only publish books we are passionate about and can add real value to so we specialise in thrillers, chillers, crime and mystery.

As an independent publisher we are fleet-footed and get the best fiction to market turning a profit quickly. We specialise in publishing eBooks but also offer print on demand or short-run prints for  most of our titles. We build long-term relationships with our authors and are fair and transparent offering industry-leading royalties. 

Bloodhound believe strongly in the talent we sign and the books we publish. We never ask for penny, dime or cent from our authors. Bloodhound Books meets all costs associated with publication and promotion of our books.

Our team brings together expertise in literature, design, editorial, sales and marketing. When your book is published by Bloodhound Books it will be professionally edited, have an eye-catching cover design and be promoted with considerable digital savvy.   We collaborate with carefully selected bloggers and book reviewers to get our books noticed on both sides of The Atlantic.

Bloodhound’s most popular titles have sold tens of thousands of copies worldwide, including a number of  top fifty  best-sellers in the UK, US and Australia. Our best-selling authors include Anita Waller, Betsy Reavley and K A Richardson.

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