Brake Failure by Alison Brodie


Book Description:

“Is it too late to tell him you love him when you’re looking down the barrel of his gun?”

Ruby Mortimer-Smyth is upper-class English, rigidly brought up to marry a man from the pages of Burke’s Peerage. She knows the etiquette for every occasion and her soufflés NEVER collapse.

She is in control of her life, tightly in control. Until …she ends up in Kansas.

Ruby believes that life is like a car; common-sense keeps it on the road, passion sends it into a ditch. What she doesn’t know is, she’s on a collision course with Sheriff Hank Gephart.

Sheriff Hank Gephart can judge a person. Miss Mortimer-Smyth might act like the Duchess of England, but just under the surface there’s something bubbling, ready to erupt. She’s reckless, and she’s heading for brake failure. And he’s not thinking about her car.

With the Millennium approaching, Ruby gets caught up in the Y2K hysteria. She joins a Survivalists group, who give her a gun and advise her to stockpile basic essentials. Accordingly, she bulk-buys Perrier, Gentleman’s Relish and macaroons.

Ruby, far from home, is making Unsuitable Friends and “finding herself” for the first time. She falls in with a gang of Hells Angels and falls foul of the law. At every turn, she comes up hard against Sheriff Hank Gephart, whose blue eyes seem to look deep into her soul. She desperately wants him, but knows she can never have him.

She’s angry at the emotions he arouses in her. Pushed to her limit, she bursts from her emotional straightjacket.

As the clock strikes midnight of the new Millennium, she’s on a freight train with three million dollars, a bottle of Wild Turkey and a smoking gun.

What happened to Miss Prim-and-Proper? And why did she shoot Mr Right?

My Thoughts:

Brake Failure is a story that flicks between present day where Ruby, the main character, appears to be on the wrong side of the law and to the weeks in the run up to the present day.

Ruby I grew to really like the further into the story I got. She is quite spoilt and selfish to start with but I had to admire how feisty she is. She’s in a loveless marriage which is more one of convenience and it was quite sad to see her put convenience over her own true happiness.

Edward her husband is quite a drip. He seems a nice enough man but there is nothing about him that gets the readers heart racing, never mind Ruby’s. Hank, one of the local sheriffs, certainly seems to send sparks flying between them both though.

Hank is quite hot headed also but there is something about Ruby that stops him from thinking straight. Ruby gets under his skin and she’s all he can think about.

What I really liked about this story is its a mix of crime caper/rom com. The romance is there but it doesn’t over power the story. The main focus is Ruby and the life lessons she learns. Kansas sure is a long way to go to just to find yourself! But this is what Ruby does and it made me love her that tiny bit more.

Brake Failure is a fun and light heart-ed read that will appeal to cozy mystery and chick lit fans.

My thanks to the author for a copy of this book. All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway.

Goodreads rating 4/5 stars.

Brake Failure is out today and available to purchase from Amazon.


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