Get To Know… Author Robin Roughley

Today’s Get To Know author is the lovely Robin Roughley. 


Hi, my name is Robin Roughley, author of the DS Lasser crime series.

I suppose for most writers it is something they have wanted to do for a long time, I know it was with me. Having said that, it has never been easier to actually get a book out there than it is today. Back when I started to write, computers were not as commonplace as they are today and you could count on both hands the number of publishers who would consider reading a manuscript by a first-time writer. Thankfully, that has all changed and at least now the indie author has a platform and the chance to build a readership. For me, the road to actually writing a novel was a long one, I started out writing plays as I have always loved dialogue and the thought of tackling a novel was somewhat daunting. This, I think, was down to the problems I have with the spelling and grammar side of writing.  You can muddle through a play, but not a novel, though eventually I decided to give it a shot.

The first in the series was never meant to be a crime thriller. I had a vague notion that I wanted to write a paranormal novel but soon realised that what I had actually produced was an out and out crime novel. Once I got that sorted in my head then I was off and running.

Just over three years later and there are thirteen DS Lasser novels available on Amazon and shortly the first in the Marnie Hammond will be coming out with Bloodhound publishers, so exciting times ahead.

You can keep up to date with Robin Roughley and his books on the following sites:

Favourite book as a child?

This is a tough one as I found reading problematic, so it would have been something with lots of picture, more like a comic than a book. I know I loved the Beano and Dandy but I suppose I must have been around thirteen when I tackled Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Of course, any words I didn’t understand I skipped over and considering a lot of the words in the book were made up then it didn’t really matter.

Favourite book as a teenager?

This is an easier one to choose, I loved a book called The Outsiders by S E Hinton. Funnily enough, it was an American book but I just loved the style, short chapters with lots of teenage angst that I could associate with, the characters were all teenagers, they swore and smoked yet each one had a vulnerability about them. Imagine the song In the Ghetto and that is exactly what The Outsiders is like. I can still remember being amazed when I discovered that Hinton was a woman and she had been a teenager herself when she wrote the book. The book just seemed so ‘male’ to me but now looking back you can see that female touch throughout the book. That’s exactly why the characters are vulnerable and why you empathise with each and every one, no matter how damaged they appear to be.

Favourite character?

Again, this is almost impossible to answer. I find that characters depend on the mood I am in at any given time. But I can narrow it down to three, ha ha. Number one, Aragorn from the Lord of the Rings, simply because he has all the attributes I admire. He is honest, loyal and puts others before himself. Secondly, a character called Edge, he appeared in well over one hundred western books. I am no big fan of westerns and have not read one in years but he was the perfect anti-hero, and believe me you would not want to cross this guy under any circumstances. Lastly, Bill Casper from the book Kes, brilliant, just brilliant, so moving and well written, he makes you laugh and then cry, and your heart aches for the way he is forced to live his life.

Favourite book to movie adaptation?

I think The Lord of the Rings was close to perfection when it comes to the crossover, great characters and they actually followed the story – which makes a change.

Favourite snack or drink when writing?

Strawberry Nesquick and coconut mushrooms.

Favourite highlight of your writing career?

I will have to have two here, (greedy I know). Firstly, being signed by Bloodhound, Betsy is a top author and she knows what it takes to get a book done, and this really helps knowing you have the support of someone who has done it. Plus, she sticks to what she says, which is a miracle in this day and age. Secondly, winning author of the year on the Facebook UK Crime Book Club site, as this showed me that the readers loved the books and that in itself was wonderful to know.

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12 thoughts on “Get To Know… Author Robin Roughley”

  1. Always ready for the next Lasser book and looking forward to the new series. Got hooked initially as I was looking for a new read, saw that the stories were Wigan based (my birthplace) so thought I’d give them I try. The rest is history! Would recommend to any readers.

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