Edward Unspooled by Craig Lancaster


Book Description:

Change keeps stalking Edward Stanton. He and his new wife, Sheila, have retreated to his small house in Montana after an unsuccessful attempt at operating a motel in Colorado. That failure has left wounds, especially for Sheila, and now they face a bigger challenge: pregnancy and impending parenthood.

Edward begins penning notes to the child (ever precise, he refers to the gestating being as “Cellular Stanton”) as he navigates married life with Sheila, who is unhappy and unfulfilled in Montana; a work partnership with his friend Scott Shamwell, whose own life is teetering; and the emergence of a long-buried family secret and the effect of this revelation on his relationship with his overbearing mother.

Even as Edward’s world expands, he must confront questions about whom to let in, how much to give, the very definition of family, the fragility of hope, and the expanses of love.

My Thoughts:

Edward Unspooled is the third book featuring Edward Stanton. To understand Edward more, I would advise reading 600 Hours of Edward and Edward Adrift before reading this one.

Edward is such a wonderful character. He is someone that the readers take to their hearts immediately. I was so pleased to discover that Edward is now married and expecting his first child with his wife.

The story is told between Edward and Sheila in the form of a diary/notes to their unborn child. This made the whole story really endearing. Edwards entries were so bitter sweet. Due to his Aspergers it does make some of what he writes quite funny. It did feel though that he was constantly being told off by Sheila which I kept feeling quite sorry for him.

Even though Edward is now well into his forties, he is still very much treated as a child by his mother and his wife. As much as his wife wants Edward to stand up to his mother, she is constantly telling him what to do also. As much as I didn’t really like this about Sheila, overall you can tell what a good influence she has on Edward and more than anything you can see through these entries just how much they both love each other.

The whole story felt like Edward finally growing up and I was like a proud parent on the side lines cheering him on. He seems to learn so much more than just becoming a parent and I so enjoyed his journey of self discovery.

Edward Unspooled is just a wonderful read. Edward has vast become one of my all time favourite characters in a book. With each book my heart gets bigger with the pride that it is literally bursting with. He feels like he’s not only the authors creation but the readers also and I so hope that we haven’t seen the last of him.

Sweet, heartfelt, inspiring and an all round great read.

Goodreads rating 5/5 stars.

Edward Unspooled is available to purchase from Amazon.

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