Heavenfield: A DCI Ryan Mystery (The DCI Ryan Mysteries Book 3) by L J Ross


Book Description:


The hunter becomes the hunted…

When a man is found dead at the remote church of Heavenfield, DCI Ryan is the only other person for miles around. The police have no weapon, no motive and no other suspects.

Already suspended from Northumbria CID, Ryan must fight to clear his name. But soon, more than his career is at stake when prominent members of the mysterious ‘Circle’ begin to die. Somebody wants Ryan’s name to be next on the coroner’s list and to survive he must unmask the devil who walks among them – before it is too late.

Unfortunately for Ryan, the devil looks just like everybody else…

Murder and mystery are peppered with romance and humour in this fast-paced crime whodunnit from LJ Ross, set amidst the spectacular Northumbrian landscape.

My Thoughts:

It was great to catch up with Ryan again. Even though he still very much has his demons to overcome, we certainly see a more lighter and a touch of the romantic side to him. This brought a whole new light to the story and made it even more enjoyable.

Theres a reference to Cabot Cove in the story which of course is where the famous Jessica Fletcher lives. (A big murder/mystery TV show in it’s day just incase you haven’t heard of it). Even though this series is very much one of mystery and suspense it certainly had that good old fashioned whodunnit feel to it.

As always the author keeps the reader fully engrossed in the story. From the fabulous setting to the great characterisation there is plenty to lose yourself into. The story line of the circle is one that has always fascinated me and this is one series I can’t get enough of.

Heavenfield is without a doubt a great read for lovers of mystery and suspense. Looking forward to more in the series.

Goodreads rating 5/5 stars.

Heavenfield is available to purchase from Amazon.

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