Get To Know… Author M A Comley

Today’s author on Get To Know is none other than NY Times and USA Today best selling author M A Comley! Or Mel as she is otherwise known.


Well, for those who haven’t heard of me, I suppose I would class myself as a hybrid author, which basically means I have a foot in both camps publishing wise. I started writing ten years ago, uploaded my first book in the Justice series, Impeding Justice in October 2009, which was an instant success in both the UK and US charts. I then wrote Final Justice which is really part two of that story, and then went back to editing the first book in the series, Cruel Justice which my fans actually demanded that I write and release because they needed to find out more about one of my main characters, Pete. Since then I’ve written fourteen books in the Justice series and several novellas/short stories. I now have numerous series under my belt.

In 2016 I was approached by Bloodhound Books who invited me to join their growing number of talented authors. I leapt at the chance to become a kennelmate and have a contract to write the next two books in my Hero series, these are gritty thrillers, not for the faint-hearted. The first book, In Plain Sight is due for release in the spring.

I have really enjoyed my time as an Independent author, achieving the status of USA Today and NY Times bestselling author, but having to do everything yourself in order to get a book out there is becoming harder with every book. So it was a no-brainer to join the good folks of Bloodhound Books. I really don’t think the readers appreciate what goes on behind the scenes to produce a book as an independent author, I always say that writing the story is the easy part in the long process. I’m lucky in that I’m surrounded by a fabulous group of people who have helped me obtain my goals in the past few years. Since working with my editor Stefanie, my writing has improved greatly, she understands my characters and what they’re roles are in my books. My cover artist Karri, nails my covers at the first attempt. Also, I’d be lost without my fabulous proof-reader, Joseph, he’s amazing at spotting things my editor and I have missed during the editing process.

In 2016, I had the pleasure of working with debut author Tara Lyons, together we wrote The Caller, book one in the Organised Crime Team series, we’re planning on writing more in this series when time permits this year. I also started writing the Deception series with fellow NY Times bestselling author Linda S Prather, to date we have an introductory novella plus two novels on sale, which has obtained the hashtag #VillainOfTheYear for one of the main characters. We’re in the process of writing the third book in the series now, in between writing our other projects.

Who would have thought back in 2002, when I retired to France at the tender age of 37 that I would have achieved so much? Granted, I work harder now than I’ve ever done in my life, often working over a hundred hours a week, but to be honest, the sense of achievement and the fact that I have a growing list of fans eager to read my books, makes the lack of a social life it all worthwhile.  ☺   

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Favourite book as a child?

I used to curl up under a tree in my garden with the latest Enid Blyton Famous Five book. I can’t say I really read anything else as a little ‘un. 

Favourite book as a teenager?

I remember reading the Jungle Book, loved the film adaptation too and that was a firm favourite of mine until one of my aunts bought me The Secret Garden. I think I read and re-read it four times on the trot. It was one of those books where you always spotted something extra within its pages the more you read it.

Favourite character?

No-brainer this one as a thriller writer, it has to be James Pattersons’ Alex Cross, I kind of modelled Lorne Simpkins on him. I love the way the whole family gets involved in the story lines, makes it seem more real somehow I suppose. 

Favourite book to movie adaption?

I know some people have a real downer on this author but I have to say Dan Brown’s the Da Vinci Code. I still regard it as the best novel I’ve ever read. If it’s good enough for Ron Howard to direct and Tom Hanks to play the leading role then they are the people we should be listening to, not the doubters keen to slam a talented author’s hard work. 

Favourite drink or snack while reading?

A nice glass of Baileys and a platter of different cheeses usually go down a treat. 🙂

Favourite highlight of your writing career?

Apart from just signing my first traditional publishing contract with Bloodhound Books, I would have to say achieving the status of New York Times and USA Today Bestelling author, which only a handful of Independent authors have managed to achieve over the years. 

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  1. Marvelous interview & blog post Sarah & Mel. I love all of Mel Comley’s series, I’m thinking that nothing is better than the Justice series. Then I read a Deception book and think, “There’s no topping this!” I just guess that I love ALL of the series. 😍

    Liked by 1 person

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