Uncoiled Lies: a stunning crime thriller by Liz Mistry #BlogTour

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Book Description:

Murder. Love. Corruption.
DI Angus McGuire and the team are back and have their work cut out. 
Murdered prostitutes and a turf war between local gangsters takes the investigation into Bradford’s Immigrant communities where tensions run high.
To make matters worse McGuire is juggling an illicit relationship with his
boss’s daughter and has fraught family relations.
Who is The Old Man?
What is the link between three dead prostitutes and a long forgotten murder?
Will McGuire and his team get the answers they want or is the uncomfortable truth much closer to home?

My Thoughts:

Uncoiled Lies is the second book following DI Angus (Gus) McGuire. As there is some mention of Gus and his past in this book I think it is advisable to read Unquiet Souls which is the first before reading this one.

I really enjoyed Unquiet Souls and have to admit I was slightly worried how the author would top such a great start to a new series. Well I had nothing to be worried about as not only did she top the first book she has totally smashed it with Uncoiled Lies.

I enjoyed catching up with Gus again. Especially his relationship with his mum and dad. As detective series’ go, I totally love the family bond that seems to never be apparent in a lot of books of the same genre. Think it makes this series stand out from the crowd that’s for sure.

Gus and the team are investigating a series of murders involving prostitutes. Investigating the murders opens a whole new can of worms that none of them could have ever envisioned with serious consequences.

Your heart can’t help but go out to Gus. He hasn’t had much luck in relationships. As much as him and Sadia make a great couple, the fact they are having to keep their relationship a secret due to Sadia’s dad being Gus’s boss, you just know that there are going to be fireworks.

The two story lines of the murders and the relationship between Gus and Sadia totally had me gripped. I was dying to know who was behind these murders and I certainly wasn’t disappointed when it all becomes clear. Through Sadia and Gus’s relationship it makes it very clear how in today’s world religion can make such a huge impact on our lives, and not always in the best way. It certainly makes relationships very taught for everyone involved.

Uncoiled Lies is just brilliant. The author manages to bring something different to the table through her books. She delivers everything I would expect from a crime novel and more. I was totally hooked from beginning to end. By the end she had me crying tears of laughter and joy. This is a book you really need to read for yourself to see just how great it is.

My thanks to Bloodhound Books for a copy of this book. All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway.

Goodreads rating 5/5 stars.

Uncoiled Lies is out now and available to purchase from Amazon.


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