Book Description:

A Darkly Disturbing Occult Horror Trilogy – Book 3 The dark and twisted community of Woodsend harbours a terrible secret – one tracing back to the age of the Elizabethan witch hunts, when many innocent women were persecuted and hanged. But there is a far deeper vein of horror running through this village; an evil that once invoked has no intention of relinquishing its grip on the modern world. Rather it watches and waits with a focused intelligence, leaving Ward Sister, Becky, and Police Officer, Toby, constantly checking over their shoulders and jumping at shadows. Just who invited in this malevolent presence? And is the demonic woman who possessed Magda back in the sixteenth century, the same one now gazing at Becky whenever she looks in the mirror? You may need to sleep with the lights on after reading this…Are you ready to meet Magda in this final instalment to the trilogy? Are you sure?

My Thoughts:

To fully enjoy this novel I would say it is essential to have read book one and two in the trilogy before reading Magda. There is a lot you need to know about some of the characters which you will only get from reading the others.

After reading the first two books, I couldn’t wait to read the third and final one. I was desperate to know how it was all going to end and to finally find out once and for all the terrible secrets that the village hides.

Having read the book, I have to say how much the cover of the book ties in with the story and Magda. It has made me wary about looking in mirrors I can tell you. She is one scary lady.

I did enjoy the back ground story of Magda and where it all began. It is very much a story of past and present that comes together and makes some gripping reading.

A few of the characters have quite a rough time of it in this book. Toby I really felt sorry for as for him everything is literally at stake. You can tell what is going on in their lives is really starting to take it’s toll and they are desperate to put a stop to it.

Magda is just a cracker of a finale. Everything was wrapped up nicely for me which is what I would want when coming to an end of a series/trilogy. Even though there is a lot more background and answers for readers in Magda, the author doesn’t scrimp on the horror factor in the story. All I can say is that I am glad I was reading the paperback version of this book with the lights on rather than my kindle in the dark! Proper scary stuff!

My thanks to Mark Tilbury and the author as I won a copy of this book over on Mark’s website.

Goodreads rating 5/5 stars.

Magda is available to purchase from Amazon


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