Every Pretty Thing (Darby McCormick) by Chris Mooney


Book Description:

She came to find her friend.
Instead she found a killer.

Serial killer expert Darby McCormick gets a call from FBI Agent Jackson Cooper, who has been contacted by a woman who’s been in hiding for twenty years.

She was one of the only survivors of a murderer who has been carving a dark path across America for decades. Cooper believes he may have tracked this psychopath to the wilds of Montana.

Now, he needs Darby’s help to bring him in. But when she arrives Cooper has vanished without a trace.

Something is very wrong – and as the trail goes cold, Darby is all alone in a strange town, stalked by an unseen predator who wants to add another victim to his collection…

My Thoughts:

Every Pretty Thing is the seventh novel in the Darby McCormick series. It would be beneficial for you to have at least read some of the books in the series before reading this one, solely for the on/off relationship between Darby and Cooper.

Darby is a brilliant character. She is one strong woman who has been through a lot and I mean a lot! Murder and mayhem never seem to be far away from her. There is always a high body count where Darby is concerned and it sure makes for some entertaining reading.

I have to say the on/off relationship between Darby and Cooper is starting to slightly grate on me now. They seriously either need to get it together or go their separate ways. There’s nothing worse than something being dragged out for to long. It’s almost like watching your favourite soap opera! Personally, I’m hoping they get it together.

The actual story itself is yet another fast paced adrenaline fuelled read. When you pick up one of this authors books you know you will fly through it as he knows how to write a gripping story. There is plenty inside for die hard crime fans. The author also knows how to keep his readers guessing and gives nothing away until he is ready to.

Every Pretty Thing will without a doubt be a big hit with fans of the series. They are as entertaining and as blood thirsty as they were from the start.

My thanks to Netgalley and Penguin UK  – Michael Joseph for a copy of this book. All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway.

Goodreads rating 4/5 stars.

Every Pretty Thing is out on the 9th of February and available to pre order now from Amazon.

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