The Boy Inside by Ross Greenwood #BlogTour


Book Description:

How can you make the right decisions if everything you’ve been told is a lie?
With absent parents and broken friends, twenty-one year old Ben is making choices, which are ruining his life. In jail, again, he and his cellmate, Jake, take a hostage in a futile gesture against a system they can’t control.
This powerful, beautifully written novel gives a vivid and realistic picture of those we send to prison.
Who would you rely on if you were locked up?
Do we ask the most from the ones who have the least?
Life is never easy when you are a boy inside.

My Thoughts:

The Boy Inside is very much a story about how decisions and getting in with the wrong crowd can cause you to go down the wrong route in life.

I actually really liked Ben. He is far from being a bad person, he has just made some bad decisions in life. He really wants to make something of his life and for a while he looks just like that is what he may do. Sadly I think some people are just destined to always making bad choices.

The author takes us through Ben growing up and how he falls into a friendship with Jake who introduces Ben to acts that are against the law. Jake is someone else who hasn’t had the best of up bringing’s and it made me wonder if they had more stability in their home lives if they would have still gone down the path that they chose to.

We get to see how easy it is for people to go from petty crimes to more serious ones. Through Ben and Jake we get to see what life is like on the inside and it is certainly somewhere that I hope to goodness I never find myself.

The Boy Inside is quite a thought provoking read. You can’t help but take to Ben and for his story to really tug at your heart strings. I was really willing for him to turn his life around and badly wanted to grab him from the book and give him a new start in life. If this book doesn’t make you want to keep on the right side of the law then I don’t know what else will.

My thanks to Bloodhound Books for a copy of this book. All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway.

Goodreads rating 4/5 stars.

The Boy Inside is out now and available to purchase from Amazon.


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