Get To Know… Author Rachel Amphlett

Delighted to be joined today by the wonderful Rachel Amphlett.


Rachel Amphlett is the bestselling author of the Dan Taylor

espionage novels and the new Detective Kay Hunter series, as

well as a number of standalone crime thrillers.

Originally from the UK and currently based in Brisbane, Australia, Rachel’s novels

appeal to a worldwide audience, and have been compared to Robert Ludlum, Lee

Child and Michael Crichton.

She is a member of International Thriller Writers and the Crime Writers Association,

with the Italian foreign rights for her debut novel, White Gold, being sold to Fanucci

Editore’s TIMECrime imprint in 2014, and the entire Dan Taylor espionage series

contracted to Germany’s Luzifer Verlag in 2017.

An advocate for knowledge within the publishing industry, Rachel is always

happy to share her experiences to a wider audience through her blogging and speaking engagements.

You can keep up to date with Rachel Amphlett and her books on the following sites:

Instagram: @RachelAmphlett
Facebook: Rachel Amphlett



Favourite book as a child?

The Famous Five series by Enid Blyton.

Favourite book as a teenager?

The Eagle Has Landed by Jack Higgins – my Grandad got me onto that one on a rainy weekend in Oxfordshire, and that’s definitely when I got hooked on thrillers.

Favourite character?

I’ve still got a soft spot for Jack Reacher. I loved the early books more so than recent ones, but at least with Jack, you know what you’re going to get!

Favourite book to movie adaption?

I loved what they achieved with the Harry Potter films – I was given the first three books as a gift by a friend when we left our pub in the UK and I devoured those and the rest of the series. I think the films managed to stay as true to the books as they possibly could, and I still enjoy watching them.  

Favourite drink or snack while reading?

A nice cold glass of white burgundy if I can get my hands on it – it’s not so popular over here. Snack-wise, olives are always a favourite!

Favourite highlight of your writing career?

Being asked to contribute to the Indie Alternative panel at CrimeFest in 2016 was a major highlight for me – there are so many misnomers about self-publishing and it was a fantastic opportunity to put some of the rumours to bed and share what I’ve learned to date with authors I really respect. I enjoyed the weekend so much because it enabled me to meet some of the people I’d only known previously via social media, and I continue to make friends because of attending CrimeFest.

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