Get To Know… Author Mark Tilbury @MTilburyAuthor

Having just recently started reading this authors novels, I am delighted to have Mark Tilbury as my Get To Know author today.


I’ve always loved writing as far back as I can remember. Making up stories, creating worlds where I had complete control. I got to choose who could live in these worlds, how they behaved, who they were nice to and who they weren’t. And the best thing about it? It was my secret. My special place. No one else was allowed in. I suppose, as a child, it was the nearest thing to power I could have. It was also something that came naturally to me, and as I progressed through school I got praised for my stories and essays. English was the only subject I didn’t have to revise for, but I never considered trying to make a living from writing.  


So, I went in the Royal Navy, got married, had two beautiful daughters. After leaving the navy, I enrolled on a creative writing course. I had a tutor who believed in me. The short story I wrote as part of the course was published in Best magazine. Something Fishy. The first time I’d seen a story of mine in print! An amazing feeling. My tutor, Jane Knight, helped me immensely. I have a lot to thank her for.


After I was widowed, I didn’t bother with writing for a long time. Just odd poems. I had two daughters to raise, and quite a lot of difficulties to overcome. It was only with the emergence of Amazon Kindle that I threw caution to the wind and began writing again. With the help of my  girlfriend, I started from scratch. We worked our way around social media, and with the help of so many fantastic people, self-published two novels: The Revelation Room and The Eyes of the Accused. With quite a lot of favourable comments giving me encouragement, I wrote my third novel, The Abattoir of Dreams. This book was a real step up for me. Luckily, Bloodhound Books took it on, and it’s due to be published on the 28th February.    

You can keep up to date with Mark Tilbury and his books on the following sites:

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Favourite book as a child?

Can I have a series? It has to be the Famous Five by Enid Blyton. Four children and a dog called Timmy who meet up in the school holidays and get involved in all sorts of shenanigans. Criminals, treasure, smuggler’s tunnels. What’s not to like? I got hold of a lot of these stories from car boot sales when my daughters were growing up. Can’t say I still had the same enthusiasm for the adventures, but it was interesting to see how they still had the same impact on my children as they did on me.  

Favourite book as a teenager?

Again, I can’t pin it to one in particular. I just loved all of Agatha Christie’s books. She had a house in the town where I lived. We used to go carol singing there at Christmas, thinking she would come to the door and bestow untold riches upon us. Unfortunately, expectation and reality rarely collide. No one even opened the door!

Favourite character?

Annie Wilkes in Misery. Just a bundle of contradictions. A woman who hates profanity and can chop a man’s foot off has the lot for me. It was the first time I looked at a character in a novel and wanted to try to emulate it. A lot’s been said about Stephen King, and there’s not much else I can add, except he really inspires me to write characters which really come to life.

Favourite book to movie adaption?

Misery, by Stephen King. Brilliant. Cathy Bates was perfect. Watched it at least a dozen times.

James Caan also does a magnificent job as the character of Paul Sheldon. There are times in the film that I find myself willing him to escape, even though I know the plot inside out. That is the mark of a truly great piece of suspense.

Favourite drink or snack while reading?

Coffee. Unfortunately, decaf  because I’m diabetic, but it still tastes good!

Favourite highlight of your writing career?

That’s an easy one. Getting signed to Bloodhound Books. I’m just about excited enough to burst at the moment. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with the team, and the cover they have designed for The Abattoir of Dreams is brilliant.

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