Lost Connections by Jim Ody


Book Description:

What would you do if the most important person to you had been kidnapped? One minute your daughter is there, and the next she has been bundled into a van right under your nose. They want something of your father’s. You don’t know what that is, and your father mysteriously disappeared over 7 years ago. Going to the police is not an option. And the answers will slowly appear in the most unlikely of places.

As single-parent Eddie’s world falls apart, an unlikely alliance forms between friends and neighbours who put their differences aside, to help get his daughter Daisy back. As the mystery unfolds a huge secret is uncovered that not only will affect Eddie and his family, but the whole of mankind…

My Thoughts:

Lost Connections is my first introduction to this authors work.

This story itself is one very much of mystery and suspense. The reader is in the same position as Eddie, wondering why someone would abduct his daughter. There is a lot of mystery and un answered questions surrounding Eddie’s father, which the story flicks between past and present so that we gradually get to know more about Eddie’s upbringing and events from the past.

It kind of felt like one of those National Treasure films starring Nicholas Cage. It isn’t just about Eddie getting his daughter back, it is also about Eddie uncovering secrets about his father which in turn helps him to understand his troubled relationship that he had with him.

Lost Connections is ideal for readers who like a good solid suspense novel at a slower pace. With likeable and some not so likeable characters, it has something for everyone. Look forward to reading more by the author in the future.

Goodreads rating 3/5 stars.

Lost Connections is available to purchase from Amazon.

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