Heartless by Casey Kelleher


Book Description:

Free from prison… but still trapped in a nightmare…

Having been locked up for a murder that she didn’t commit, Sophia O’Hagan is now determined to take back what’s hers.

Sophia has been robbed of eight years of her life: a life that she should have spent with her beloved Tommy.

Now, Tommy has gone and Sophia’s family has been torn apart. She knows that she will never know true freedom until she confronts the painful ghosts of her past.

My Thoughts:

Heartless is yet another story by this author that had me gripped from start to end.

Sophia who is just sixteen has her whole life ahead of her. She meets Tommy who she really likes and apart from her home life which isn’t great she is starting to really look forward to the future. That is cruelly ripped away from and she finds herself eight years later having to start over again.

Tommy is a sweet kid. Sadly his twin Jonathan is everything he isn’t. The title of the book pretty much describes Jonathan perfectly. As soon as we are introduced to him it is obvious how callous he is. I disliked him right from the off and that just grew throughout the story. Some people are just born evil and he is definitely one of them.

The story starts off with the build up of events that sees Sophia put in prison, then we catch up with her through the feisty Dolly, when Sophia is due to be released. From then on in the reader is taken on a nail biting roller coaster of a read.

Heartless is yet another gritty and gripping read. I seem to find that I always have a love hate relationship with characters in the authors novels. There are the ones I have such empathy for whilst other I absolutely loathe. She really does have you going through a whole array of emotions.

Goodreads rating 5/5 stars.

Heartless is available to purchase from Amazon.


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