Nostre Dame: A True Story by Jacqueline Evans @JEvansthewriter


Book Description:

Nostra Dame, the true story of a woman trying to make sense of a mysterious world. Suppressing what came naturally for most of my early years; a pivotal moment in my mid-twenties opened a door to what lay dormant. The depth of knowledge that ensued began to snowball, leading me to predict global events and high-profile murder investigations. Each piece of information imparted in fractals, like pieces to a puzzle; and it was down to me, to put the pieces together.

My Thoughts:

My thanks to Shell Baker and the author for a copy of this book as I won a signed copy in a give away over on Shell’s blog, Chelle’s Book Reviews.

Nostre Dame is a true story of the authors own experiences of learning and trying to use her “gift’ for a greater good. I say gift but I think for some it may be a curse. To be able to get to know in advance that the people that you love are ill or dying certainly is not something I would ever want to know. When the author tells of her experiences surrounding her mum and dad, it certainly makes for an emotional read.

The author gives us some indication of what it is like for her and the people closest to her and how it affects them. Mainly though the story is dedicated to how Jacqueline would get “visions” or songs and thoughts popping into her head, which at times she found confusing but only to realise days, weeks or months later that they were in fact details of some horrific disasters or murders cases.

What I found really appealing and I think other readers will also, is that the disasters and murders are pretty much all high profile, like the twin towers, Shannon Matthews just to name a couple. They are all events that readers will have seen in the news and will no doubt be interested in details surrounding them.

Nostre Dame probably won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. I think it all depends on your beliefs. There are a lot of people out there that claim to be psychic and probably make a bit of money out of it. Jacqueline has never charged for her ability. Her main aim has been to help the police and the families of the victims to get closure. I have to take my hat off to her for the amount of years she put into doing this with very little thanks at times from the police and could understand why she would feel so disheartened at times.

An interesting and eye opening read. I think if you have a fairly open mind and enjoy reading about high profile cases then this is the perfect read.

Goodreads rating 4/5 stars.

Noste Dame is available to purchase from Amazon.


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