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Book Description:

A vicious burglary goes horribly wrong when an elderly victim is killed and

one of the burglars is injured.

In the detached house next door, Julia is preparing to leave her husband.  He has let her down for the last time and her bags are packed. Taking their eight-year-old daughter, Lucy, from her bed they set off in the fog.

But on this cold, dark night, fate steps in and these strangers collide.

When Vincent and Nash abduct the mother and daughter, and take them to a derelict house, the situation takes a grave turn.

Meanwhile, Julia’s husband, Ian, is distraught that his wife and daughter have left, and when the murder and burglary are discovered, suspicion falls on him.

For Ian, Julia and Lucy, life is about to become a nightmare.

Can Julia and Lucy escape from the twisted criminals?

What will Julia decide when the choice is –  kill or die?

My Thoughts:

What a gripping story line!

I had absolutely every empathy for Julia. She is leaving her husband as she has had enough of and is determined to do the best for her and her daughter. On leaving the family home, even her worst nightmares could not come close to what happens next. She has to stay strong for her daughter regardless of how scared she is feeling herself.

To be taken hostage by two despicable men like Julia and her daughter are, I could very much feel the horror and anxiety that they were feeling. Julia knows that the two men are not going to let them just walk away and it is very much a survival of the smartest as she has to outwit them in the hop of every getting away.

Ian annoyed me as he is quite weak but I have to say I did feel sorry for him when the police are giving him a hard time. In a way I felt he deserved it but then he obviously loves his wife and daughter very much and is determined to get to the bottom of it all.

As for if Julia and her daughter get out of their horrible situation alive, you will need to read it for yourself.

Kill or Die is an edge of your seat read that had me gripped all the way through. It will have you wanting to lock all the doors and windows. A great nail biter of a read and can’t wait to read more by the author.

Goodreads rating 5/5 stars. My actual rating 4.5/5 stars.

Kill Or Die is available to purchase from Amazon.

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