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suicide reworked

Book Description:

Standing up and welcoming everyone to the spiritualist church is something Patrick McLaughlin does most evenings. Most of the faces in the audience are familiar to him, except one. David Hopkirk walks into the West End Spiritualist church in Glasgow and slits his own throat in the middle of a demonstration. Buy why?

Patrick is then catapulted into a case, which sees the death of a child, a failed court case and a family torn apart.

Soon Patrick will have all the pieces of the puzzle but will he be able to fit them together in time?


My Thoughts:

The Suicide Plan is a short novella featuring Patrick McLaughlin who can communicate with people on the other side.

What a great start to a story! Not so great for Patrick and the people in the audience someone taking their own life before them but boy was I hooked from that point.

I’ve always had a fascination with all things paranormal so this grabbed my interest straight away. The fact it was to do with a father whose son had died under suspicious circumstances made it even more intriguing.

For a short story, The Suicide Plan, was still very much an emotional read. Losing a child must be horrendous and this will certainly tug on readers heart strings. The benefit of this book is that it is great when you are wanting a quick read but has all the elements you would expect of a longer novel. I certainly didn’t feel like it was being rushed in anyway. It’s also a great introduction to a new character and a crime series.

My thanks to Bloodhound Books for an advanced readers copy of this book. All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway.

Goodreads rating 5/5 stars.

The Suicide Plan is available to purchase from Amazon.

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Author Bio:

Emma Clapperton, born December 1985, has always had a passion for reading and writing. She particularly enjoys reading supernatural or horror books.

Emma studied childcare and gained qualifications to work with the early years in 2002, later going on to work in the Montessori sector of early years. In 2017 she gained a qualification to work as a Forest School early years leader and can often be found teaching three and four year olds how to cook on an open fire.

She is the writer of a supernatural crime series based in Glasgow, which she writes under the pen name of Emma L Clapperton.

She currently resides in a little town outside of the city of Glasgow with her husband and ginger cat and is working on future projects.

You can contact Emma via:

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