Backwoods Ripper by Anna Willett


Book Description:

A country drive quickly turns into a nightmare for newly-weds Paige and Hal Loche

When you are in the bush, pregnant, and your husband is hurt what do you do? Will you trust just about anyone?

When their car gets a flat tire in the Australian outback, it should be a simple job for capable Hal to fix. His wife pregnant, he sets to it. But an accident befalls him, leaving him immobilized. Paige is now their only hope of getting out of the bush.

“How the cruelty of a stranger changes a couple’s life for ever.”

When Paige chances upon a stranger, it seems her prayers are answered. But the stranger doesn’t want to help. She wants something else, and it’s not Paige’s husband. Hal is expendable, piece by piece it seems, but her baby isn’t.

What will Paige do to protect her unborn child, and at what price?

My Thoughts:

At 187 pages, Backwoods Ripper was a quick and highly enjoyable read.

This is one of those brooding stories where you know that what is between the pages is going to be dark and it certainly was. If what leaves Hal immobilised isn’t horrific enough, what comes later surely is.

Paige and Hal are a young couple who have everything to look forward to. That is until Paige has to enlist a strangers help. You can tell as soon as you meet Lizzy and her daughter Soona that there is something not quite right. The fact that they don’t take them to the nearest hospital but instead take them back to a rambling estate that used to be a hospital for injured service men makes you know that there is going to be trouble.

The house I thought really added to the story. In a way some parts felt like they were bordering on the horror side but it definitely is more of a psychological/thriller/suspense read.

Backwoods Ripper is a dark, edge of your seat read that had me gripped through out. It will have the reader routing for Hal and Paige and hoping against all odds that there will be some sort of happy ending for the couple. If you want to know if there is or not then you will have to read it for yourself!

Goodreads rating 4/5 stars.

Backwoods Ripper is available to purchase from Amazon.


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