The Fourth Monkey by J.D.Barker #BlogTour #4MK @jdbarker


Book Description:

Brilliant. Complicated. Psychopath.

That’s the Four Monkey Killer or ‘4MK’. A murderer with a twisted vision and absolutely no mercy.

Detective Sam Porter has hunted him for five long years, the recipient of box after box of grisly trinkets carved from the bodies of 4MK’s victims.

But now Porter has learnt the killer’s twisted history and is racing to do the seemingly impossible – find 4MK’s latest victim before it’s too late…

My Thoughts:

I have to admit that to start with I was slightly unsure as  to whether this was a book in a series as it was obvious from the beginning that something had happened in Detective Sam Porter’s past and I felt slightly like I was missing out on something. Thankfully the further into the story I got everything is fully revealed.

The story alternates between a race for time for the police to find a missing girl before she becomes 4MK’s next victim and diary entries from the killers past. I have to admit I absolutely loved the diary entries. Talk about gripping stuff! What starts off as a young boy with a seemingly good up bringing by his parents ends up going into a whole new direction that I would never have guessed.

Like I mentioned, right from the start it’s obvious Porter is a troubled man. He has just returned to work after something has happened in his personal life. It doesn’t take long for the reader to work out the gist of what has happened before it is all fully disclosed. I think being back at work with his work colleagues brings a much needed distraction for Porter and I enjoyed the relationship that he had with them.

The whole story line to do with the killer and how they got their name was very clever. The balance between past and present was perfect and the author has you racing through the pages to find out more about the killer as well as whether Porter and his team will catch him in time.

The Fourth Monkey is a seriously intriguing read. There are so many interesting characters that stood out to me for various reasons and I’m hoping with how the story finishes that this is not the last we have seen of them. Gripping from the off, this is one tense and fast paced read and a  definite must read for crime lovers.

My thanks to Maxine Groves for an advanced readers copy of this book. All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway.

Goodreads rating 4/5 stars.

The Fourth Monkey is available to pre order from Amazon.


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