Enter The Dark by Chris Thomas @cthomasauthor1 @Bloodhoundbook

Enter final 1.0

Book Description:

An anonymous website, a few clicks, and Joe Henderson’s life is changed forever.
‘The Red Room’ is the only place where the inadequacies of a weak justice system are righted and where the line between good and evil becomes blurred. When the lights go up, viewers bid, criminals are punished, and the Brotherhood of the Righteous broadcasts a show like no other.
The room has remained hidden until now, when a video arrives in the inbox of the Metropolitan Police Cyber Crime Unit: the torture and killing of a notorious criminal. But outclassed, outplayed, and torn apart by corruption, is there anything Detective Pete Harris and his team can do except watch?
Their only lead may be the room’s latest bidder, Joe Henderson. Because when Joe found the Red Room, it found him too, and now the Brotherhood are watching through the wires, willing to do evil for a righteous cause, to become the men that even monsters are scared of.
As they pull Joe deeper into the dark web, will he find any mercy and any way out? Or will he be the Red Room’s next volunteer?

My Thoughts:

I will just start by telling you how much I loved this book. I loved it, loved it, loved it.

Right from the very first page I knew that I was really going to enjoy this novel and I wasn’t wrong.

The Red Room is somewhere that you hope to goodness you never find yourself. If you do, it’s going to be painful and you certainly have no hope of ever coming out of there alive. To a certain extent to start with I actually liked the logic behind the brotherhood and what they were doing. As a reader it certainly thrilled me but as a human being the further I got into it I wasn’t so sure whether I truly agreed with what they were doing, but to be honest who cares as this is fiction, which meant I could enjoy every moment for what it was.

The story reminded me slightly of The Running Man, apart from there is nothing that the prisoners can do to get out of the position that they find themselves. Don’t get me wrong, the crimes that these people have committed are truly horrible ones and in a way I didn’t want to read about what was happening to them but then on the other hand I did as I wanted to see them suffer. Obviously for the police, they can’t see people taking the law into their own hands so they need to find out who is behind it all and put a stop to it.

Enter The Dark is a brilliantly dark and disturbing read. It’s one that will have you well and truly hooked from beginning to end. It has quite a futuristic feel to it though it is very much set in the here and now. Not quite sure if there is going to be a follow up to this book as there easily could be. I’m really hoping there is as detective Pete Harris is someone that I would like to see again. Brilliant book and highly recommended.

My thanks to Bloodhound Books for an advanced readers copy of this book. All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway.

Goodreads rating 5/5 stars.

Enter The Dark is available to purchase from Amazon.


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