Death’s Silent Judgement by Anne Coates @Anne_Coates1 @urbanebooks


Book Description:

Death’s Silent Judgement is the thrilling sequel to Dancers in the Wind, and continues the gripping series starring London-based investigative journalist Hannah Weybridge.

Following the deadly events of Dancers in the Wind, freelance journalist and single mother Hannah Weybridge is thrown into the heart of a horrific murder investigation when a friend, Liz Rayman, is found with her throat slashed at her dental practice.

With few clues to the apparently motiveless crime Hannah throws herself into discovering the reason for her friend’s brutal murder, and is determined to unmask the killer. But before long Hannah’s investigations place her in mortal danger, her hunt for the truth placing her in the path of a remorseless killer…

My Thoughts:

Death’s Silent Judgement is the second book in the Hannah Weybridge series. As this follows on from the first book in the series, I would highly recommend reading Dancers In The Wind first before reading this one.

I enjoyed catching up with Hannah again. She has not got over Caroline’s death which happened in the first book and is determined to put her investigative skills to use to help others.

The story line in this book deals with a sensitive subject which is sadly something that shouldn’t happen in todays world. It’s something that horrifies and sickens me. As much as I wanted Hannah to find out who was behind it all and put a stop to it, I did fear for her and her daughters safety as Hannah always seems to manage to put herself in dangers way.

Death’s Silent Judgement  is a story very much of  mystery and suspense. Thought not some fast paced crime thriller this still makes for a steady read that will keep readers hooked. With the ever complicated relationship between Hannah and Tom, the author makes sure she leaves the reader wanting more.

Goodreads rating 4/5 stars.

Death’s Silent Judgement is available to purchase from Amazon.

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